Chef hiring platform- Cookifi gets seeded through TracxnSyndicate

Meal time! Chefs & cooks hiring platform-Cookifi gets seededimages for an undisclosed amount. The show included Kunal Shah (Chairman, FreeCharge); Aneesh Reddy (Co-Founder cum CEO, Capillary Technologies); Venkat Tadanki (CEO, Secova); Krishna Mehra (Co-Founder, Capillary Technologies); Amit Rathore (Founder and CEO, Quintype); Tracxn Labs; and others through TracxnSyndicate.

How does it work-

Founded in June 2015, currently active in Bangalore. It enablesdownload the customers to hire personal party chef at their door and according to their convenience, just a click away. It provides number of services like- kids’ birthday, get-togethers, private parties, kitty parties etc. It helps homemakers, working professionals and big families who want to use it as an employement opportunity for on demand. Cookifi ensures for cleanliness standards and sudden escalation situation. Firm uses an advanced chef allocation algorithm with attributes such as  spice preferences, cuisine preferences etc. which help users to gain more happy experience with minimal efforts. The company was founded in June 2015 and has already served over 3500 customers so far.

Further Plans-

  • Expansion plans.
  • Amplifying user experience.
  • To add more customization features for the services.

 Ajay Modani, Co-Founder, Cookifi said, “One of the most important things when you are planning a party at home, be it a kids birthday, get together or day-to-day cooking, is food and there is a huge gap between high volume caterers and regular cooks. There was no right platform or source to hire professional chefs or cooks for such occasions. Cookifi is using technology to make chefs and cooks more accessible to book on demand, with the ease of a tap.”

Some Key features-

It solves the problem of finding a catering service which is up to mark of your expectations  viz. taste, budget, cleanliness and discipline. It identified huge market potential in the sector and tries to close the gap. It is a quick, easy and reliable platform to hire cooks rather than looking around, just with a tap. Transparency in the procedure along with easy online transactions aims to provide a hassle-free experience. Then it also maintains feedback records that work two ways, through which customers and cookifi can rate each other.

Founder’s Vision-

“Keeping current traction in mind, we estimate on an average a customer will use Cookifi on Demand three times a month and Cookifi experience once in a month. With this, we estimate the market size to be $20.6 billion in top six cities of India,” said Harsh Singla, Co-Founder, Cookifi.

What does Tracxn have to say-

Neha Singh of Tracxn said, “We’re convinced by Cookifi’s mission to organise a large addressable market in the unorganised sector. We see a growing appetite for an on-demand chef service as India’s millennials work longer hours than the previous generation, and they don’t have the time or inclination to cook an elaborate meal. Building a world class customer experience is at the core of such a service, and we’re confident that the Cookifi team will maintain it at scale.”


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