Another blow to Microsoft in Russia!


China is banning social networking sites from quite a long time. Now Russia joins the party. This time, Microsoft-owned service is the target. Yes, you guess it right. Russia government is banning LinkedIn in the country. The reason is, according to the Russian court – breaching of national security limits.


Russia bans Microsoft’s LinkedIn

According to Gadgets Now, Russian court accuses LinkedIn of breaking the law of storing data on internet, inside the national boundary servers. In other words, the service has been accused of breaching security law of the country.

This follows the order of pulling down the apps from Play Store & App Store of the country.

The New York Time reads that Apple has confirmed the news that the court is asking them to pull down the app from Russian servers. However, Google has not confirmed that they have been ordered to do so.

This order faces big disappointment from the company.

Nicol Leverich, spokeswoman, LinkedIn, says, “It denies access to our members in Russia and the companies that use LinkedIn to grow their businesses.”

There are a lot of people using LinkedIn in the country.

Recently, the Chinese Government ordered apple to remove The New York Times app from company’s Chinese servers, due to the violation of certain laws.