5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Time-Honored Promotional Methods As Entrepreneur


Most of the youth today, deliberately cuff them to the technology. While it is not entirely wrong, it is, however, quite unethical for an entrepreneur. To surround yourselves with inanimate objects just to get things done is not only unproductive; but also, harmful in the long-term aspects of marketing, promotion, and client outreach.

Regardless your age entrepreneurial ambitions and spirits, you cannot rely a 100% on technology-led services to put you in touch with the relevant audience. Converting clients into consumers is a hard task, and a bit of paid promotional content on Social Media will never bring the “loyal crowd” that a business needs to prosper.



It is very imperative to learn from other fellow entrepreneurs, attend meetings with your target groups, get to know their challenges, grievances and obtain a feedback that will help give meaning to your product or service. 

5 Time-Honored Promotional Methods That Still Work

#1. Promotional Gifts

Promotional Gifts have been around for centuries. Imagine the first-ever business opened during the Industrial Revolution, how would they have promoted themselves to sustain the competition. Some of those have lasted to this day only because they were able to acquire that loyal customer base, which most of the new-age startups are unable to grasp.

Giving something away at a discount or free of charge might hurt you regarding profits and accountability but, it gains you new customers, who always translate into making more green for the business.

#2. Coupons & Mailers

While the world has quickly upgraded to the modern form of marketing and customer outreach concerning PPC, SEO, e-mail marketing, & Newsletters that sit right in your email, there is still a large market for Coupons and Mailers that a new entrepreneur should not overlook.

In many ways, your customers might want to explore your services and products only because your marketing methods are old-school and traditional.

#3. Mailing Lists

Building a mailing list was the most important promotional tactic employed by almost every company before email came into existence. However, there is still an enormous market today where it takes the lead over any other similar activity.

When it comes to building and maintaining a B2B client relationship, Mailing Lists work like a charm. While emails are overlooked, and most of them sent to spam, physical mail, containing valuable information seldom gets thrown out, because the customer subscribes to such a service.

In 2013, 65% of B2B and B2C receivers had made a purchase due to direct mail campaign. In the year 2012, the response rates between direct mail and email showed a wide gap, with the former having a 4.4% response rate and the latter with only 0.12%

It is evident how important a mailing list is even in today’s smartphone era.

#4. Radio Promotions

As silly as it might sound, most of us still listen to the Radio. We may call it an FM station, and it may not deliver the news, but it is current, and people have a meaningful conversation too! Well, some do!

Back in the day, the Radio channels had specific programs that covered various subjects, promoting health, and even influential personalities making strides in the world. Then, there were business promotions as well.

Today, most of the FM stations exist because of business publicity. Most people listen to the radio while commuting by a car or public transport, and even if they are not actively paying attention to the conversation, some things do get stuck in their minds, compelling them to follow up on it afterwards. That right there is your major customer magnet!

#5. Jingles & Slogans

As with Radio promotions, Jingles & Slogans, often stick in your head for a lifetime. These are not age-specific. A newborn today will still remember a catchy Jingle 60 years down the line, and that is because these types of promotions appeal to our senses of hearing, and make a permanent space in our memory.

Nowadays, such a service still exists and offered by various advertising agencies. Although there are many tools that you can use to promote yourself, like YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, & numerous others.

Despite the human advancement in science & technology, there are certain traditional methods of promotion that are unlikely to go out of style, and employing them in your business will only make your customers nostalgic and even want to stick with you for an eternal lifetime.

Image Credits: Scoop.It