How To Conduct A Courageous Conversation As An Entrepreneur?


When we develop attributes that characterise the professional that we are, it becomes ever more important to have courageous conversations, whether at a speech, a conference or a meeting.


If you haven’t yet discovered the significance of this, you must know that having this skill can open many doors that can lead to a different and popular life.


Curious to know what brave conversations are?

These conversations are quite powerful in nature and carry a strong message. Such conversations influence people around you and bring you a whole world of new and exciting opportunities. 


“We only become man when we get over” – Aristotle


Human evolution depends on the structure, planning, preparation, and knowledge; all of this represents a cycle with progress at its core & everything revolves around that.


Therefore, to have a productive & successful conversation, an entrepreneur must understand the power of words, and plan conversations accordingly.



Human communication is fundamental

A courageous conversation is linked to an entrepreneur’s ability to communicate, thus being the first and most important competence for human interaction.

Series of actions lead to success when a conversation is pre-analysed and well-developed.



Main Cause

In almost every human, an impediment to a clear, concise and courageous conversation is the Fear.

Although fear is a normal feeling, it can procrastinate the success in your professional life and it can become constant when uncontrolled or managed.


One of the strong assertions made for a courageous talk is to combat this evil that haunts your life, stops your efforts to overcome weaknesses, and causes discomfort that takes away your peace of mind.



Examples of courageous conversations

  • Maintaining ethics in your company is the duty of every businessperson. Give feedback to the team leaders or supervisors of your staff, on the people within the team who are aggressive, or make biased comments.


  • In the morning briefings, take the lead every now and then. Use this time to inform your team about the big changes in the company. This will catch them off guard and you will be able to distinguish between the ones who embrace the change and those who find it hard to digest. 


  • Inform the whole team about your company’s performance, and without pinpointing anybody in specific, try to conclude with utmost sincerity, regarding the discontinuation of a project or incurring losses. This level of deep conversation with your employees will surely form a strong bond, and in a way motivate them to give the most of their skills to earn your company new projects, and subsequently, more profits. 


  • Conduct meetings with set goals or managerial budget cuts or staff layoffs. 


  • Make yourself present as a part of a team from any given department in your company. This way you would be motivating your employees tremendously. Also, do tell them about the good performance of another department and how much you appreciate their hard work. It would want other teams to work as hard and be noticed by you.


  • Talk about corporate restructuring, acquisitions or mergers, implementation of new company policies, etc. It goes a long way as far as earning your employee’s respect and loyalty is concerned. 




Self-knowledge is what shows us the reality of the world, inner and outer.

It is what guide us in a search for self-discovery and acknowledges the strengths and weaknesses, and where there needs to be a change.



Respect other’s point of view

When in turmoil, make an effort to reach out to your employees on the ground and get to know their perspective. This achieves two things-

  1. The employees will take pride in the fact that their opinions matter to you and to the company, and,
  2. The staff will feel much closer to you than ever before. They would know for sure that you care about their opinions and you might implement their suggestions for the betterment of the company.


By understanding the perspectives of others, you will enhance productivity and reach a consensus. After all, that’s all that matters!

These are the strengths for a strong and brave talk. When you play the role of a company owner, you must maintain an air of equality and freedom of opinion in the daily operations. Such an attitude will lead to building useful relationships, whether with an employee or a business partner.



Your intentions behind wanting to become an entrepreneur ultimately make you a winner in business and in life. If you intend to genuinely help people with your product or service, then you must practice the habit of having courageous conversations even more, because this is the stepping stone to making a real difference.


Image Credits: Entrepreneur.Com/Pinterest