Telemedicine healthcare startup Healthenablr raises $800K seed funding



Healthenablr India Pvt Ltd. recently closed an $800,000 (Rs 5.5 crore) seed round. It is a new entrant in the healthcare technology and service sector which was incorporated in Sept 2015 by Booth School of Business Graduates, Bamashish Paul and Avishek Mukherjee.

Avishek Mukherjee, CTO and co-founder, Healthenablr said:

“This funding has timed perfectly with a new release of our patented EMR software, that not only allows doctors to generate online invoices and prescriptions, but also enables them to keep track of their patient vitals, medications, follow up appointments etc,”

This startup is a data-driven tech health care company which helps the patients connect with practitioners across the country and even worldwide through its online platform. The company has tie-ups with hospitals and healthcare chains, remote patient management solutions and wearable healthcare and medical device integration. Healthcare sector is disrupted in technology in India. The company aims at digitising doctors practice as well as provide them with the best technology making it easier to practice online.

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Healthenablr offers Pocclinic and Poccare. Pocclinic is a doctor-centric mobile app which helps in creating a worldwide network of patients and doctors. Poccare is a patient-centric mobile app that helps the subscribers find, compare and book appointments with doctors and health service providers. Patients can choose and buy healthcare packages from its platforms as well as its affiliated partners. They have the option to prepay and avail discounts for the app using online payments and Paytm wallet.

The funding has helped the team in launching EMR software that allows doctors to generate online invoices and prescriptions and also help in keeping a track of their patients, medication, follow-ups, appointments, etc. Healthenablr is currently operating in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru with 60 people in the team. It plans to expand its marketplace to 8 cities with a reach of 50,000 verified doctors at the end of 2016. with regards to the future investments, Bamasish, CEO of Healthenablr said that they would look to raise their next round of funding in mid 2016 to assist their expansion plans.

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