How to know if a site is secured

site is secure


Are you an online shopper? Or Just a visitor who like to subscribe various blogs? No matter who you are, when you visit a website, you are reveling your identity like your IP address cookies information etc. to that website. Websites can use your information for various purposes such as providing the more helpful information or products related to your interest.

A good website knows that keeping the website secure help to secure the information of the visitor or buyer also even when they are using cookies information to convert product launch into high sales. Where unsecured websites are always open for hackers and they can steal the important information about website users and misuse that information for various purposes.

It is really necessary that you should know if a site is secure or not, before visiting that site or before entering your information on that website. Let`s see how to know if a site is secured or not?


1) Security & Privacy Policy:

This is the very important thing which tells how serious a website is when it comes to secure the information of users. Always check the privacy policy document and learn what steps website is taking to keep the information secure.

Payment Method

Before making a transaction online one other thing that you must consider are the payment options given by the website. A site with multiple payment methods is said to be secure.  All big and successful businesses online use verified payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer. They also accept payments through back transfers and credit/debit cards.  And for a site to be connected with a credit/debit card it means it is connected to a bank and this makes it more secure.

It is for this reason that many shopping sites are using different payment methods besides credit card, and In these days, you can find almost in every site (not only in shopping sites) an option to pay by PayPal (even when asking donations from the users). Gambling sites, for example, have multiple payment methods. Other than use of cards on these sites you can also use the “PayPal casinos” option which allows you to pay by PayPal.



You may already know that website’s URL starts with http://, but do you know that that there is a secure version of http:// and that is HTTPS:// (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure). HTTPS use secure protocol to encrypt the information.

There are different types of SSL that you can check to know how secure a website is.

3) Lock Icon:

You may have seen the lock sign in the address bar when you visit some websites. When you click on that lock sign, it will show you the security certificate information, website permission etc. It reveals if the website is secure or not.

For example: If you go to Google’s website, you will see a lock icon in the right side of the address bar.

4) Trust Seal or Badge verification: a

On many shopping sites, you may have seen the Site Lock Trust Seal. This is to show that the website is secure for users to enter their details and make purchases. It also shows the verified website, date of scan and information of the company.

For example: You may have seen the comodo trust seal on many websites, which shows that website is secure

These are few of the very easy ways to know if the site is secure. You should always check for this information, if you are going to enter your payment details on a website. You never want that someone steal your payment detail information.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.


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