Environment-Friendly Cars

We all envisage for a calming day to day life. As we all know due to pollution it’s becoming hard to survive day to day life, hence welcoming Electric Vehicle Cars. In China, it is Zhongshen, which is leading the way in Electric Vehicles. Who doesn’t want to take hands off the Car wheels or a driverless Car, as large automakers have made immense spaces in the technological development of driverless cars? There are So many Tech companies and automakers including Ford, Google, Volvo, Tesla and BMW among others who are also seen soporific future in investing heavily in Self-driving technology or Electric Vehicle. However, this also been analyzed that autonomous driverless Cars would reduce the number of traffic accidents. Also, these Electric vehicle Cars are Cleaner and more environment-friendly as compared to the petroleum-fuelled Vehicles and are seen so far a better-committed elucidation to Global Warming. Thereafter we all can see a Global Electric Vehicle rebellion in next 5yearrs. This is the maximum duration after which we all will be able to see the ‘Electric Vehicle’ as the main source of a commute.

Electric Charging, Kids, and anyone can easily get it charged.



Headway of Electric Vehicle Industry

If we graph the history of these Electric Vehicles, the first was an introduction (or the national launch) of the Toyota Prius in Japan during Late 1997, which became the world’s first mass-produced hybrid Electric Vehicle after its globally released in 2000. Then in 2006, came a small Silicon -Valley start-up, Tesla Motors Inc., which started producing a luxury Electric Sports cars that could go over 100 miles on a Single charge. Tesla has won wide acclaim for its cars and is now among the largest US auto Employer. In 2015, Tesla sold over 50,000 Models S Sedans, up 52% year-on-year and a new annual sales record in Electric Vehicle industry and the company is apparently doing well in 2016 also. How, far as China is anxious, Chongqing Zhongshen Automobile Company Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zhongshen Motorcycle”) has also sold over 100 million Electric Motorbikes and scooters so far, the World’s largest Vehicle Electrification success to date, by quite few distance. The Chinese make 30 million annually and are 8% exported.


Javier Romero’s JV’S Collaboration with ZHONGSHEN

Green Entrepreneur Mr. Javier Romero’s contribution to the sustainability and clean technology research is attributed worldwide. This Suntech’s point man is entirely involved with Zhongshen. Mr. Javier is also the main pillar of Electric Vehicle provider for so long and has also been credited with forming several joint ventures (JVs) for Zhongshen. These Chinese Company has assets of over RMB 1.18 billion, around 3,000 employees and has the annual output of 3Million Motorcycles, E-Bikes, and three wheelers and also over 7Million pieces of key components. The company stances on its principle of “Excellent manufacturing, International Cooperation, and Leading technology”. This is the first among all enterprises that have formed the “China Compulsory Certificate” (3C) for complete Vehicles”. Hence, in the Industry, there are so many other enterprises that have gained the most certifications on particular products in the Chinese motorcycle industry but as the Trademark of “Zhongshen” motorcycles have been awarded the honor of “Famous Trademark in China”. Not enough of all, Zhongshen was even awarded for Top Ten Police Equipment’s Brands in 2014, with RX3 Police version to be deployed with the Chinese local Police.


Thus, we all know Electric Vehicle had achieved to Global level as Tesla Model have mature product offerings that entirely adjusted into a lot of people’s lifestyles. Though this is not it, still they are working on their new “Innovator” phase of the product adoption curve. Reportedly, Beijing has also recently announced a ban on small Electric Vehicles after it was found that several lacked proper safety system or a thorough assessment, and users had also defied the rapidity limit which is fixed for them. Let us see the fresh Innovations come up in the near Future.