Cab booking app platform TaxiVaxi raises funding


Funding story

The cab aggregation segment continues to grow at a rapid pace ; with its benefits being obvious for both drivers as well as customers. The latest hotshot in the cab aggregation segment, TaxiVaxi made a huge splash when it succeeded in raising an undisclosed amount of funding from angel investors. The highly versatile startup seeks to use the funding for aggressive expansion and marketing. TaxiVaxi also seeks to add further value to its large range of highly valuable services.

About TaxiVaxi

TaxiVaxi was founded in December 2014 by Neeraj Tayal, Ankit Gupta and Vinod Kumar. TaxiVaxi seeks to provide an innovative and easy-to-use platform which can provide comprehensive booking solutions for a number of taxi services. These services include radio taxi, tour taxi, self driving taxi and ride sharing. The radio taxi booking service provides one platform where taxis can be booked from multiple cab operators. So, users can now say goodbye to all problems arising out of difficulties faced when their preferred can operator doesn’t work. So what is Uber’s services aren’t available in a particular area? TaxiVaxi allows users to then book the services of Ola, Meru or other operators available in that area.
Moreover, with its excellent software, the fares of all cab operators can be easily compared, as can the ETA. This allows for maximum user convenience. Its tour taxi services cater to tourists who need cost-effective transportation solutions.
Given the difficulty in booking long-distance transportation, TaxiVaxi’s services are sure to prove to be a boon to tourists. The self driving taxi and ride sharing concepts offered by the startup are geared up towards providing flexible options which a very large number of people can make use of. The startup has already monetized the Tour Taxi and Self Drive segments, and the rest are likely to be monetized soon as well.

Our take

TaxiVaxi’s comprehensive services have also earned it a number of powerful competitors. These include other comprehensive platforms such as Scoot and TaxiPixi as well as regular cab  aggregators such as Ola and Uber. However, its innovative value-added services, which have already ensured over 350 downloads and 40 bookings since mid-October, will ensure that TaxiVaxi becomes a market leader really soon.

Download the TaxiVaxi app here.