WiFi Dabba: A startup offering 100 MB internet in just Rs 2


Wi-Fi Dabba is all set to be the game changer in the telecom industry with their announcement to offer 100 MB internet in just Rs 2. The startup which is just 13 months old feels that there is still more vacancy and scope for lowering the data cost in India. With this mindset, this startup is nowhere behind to change the entire game launched by Jio and to become its one of the top most competitors.

The co-founder of Wi-Fi Dabba, Shubhendu Sharma shocked the whole telecom industry with his statement. He said,” Data cost in India is very high at present. We believe that even after the launch of Jio, there is a lot of room for price wars to happen and we are certain that we can drop the prices even further.” With this statement, most of the telecom companies are seeing a tough competition coming very soon in the industry. On the other hand, Wi-Fi Dabba is looking very confident with their approach and is hoping to get the positive response from the people as well.

Wi-Fi Dabba has always been the tough competitor of Jio. The startup is offering data packages at minimal prices right from the beginning of their journey. On one side, where the startup is offering the data packages as 500 MB for Rs 10, 1 GB for Rs 20 and now the recent 100 MB for Rs 2. On the other hand, Jio provides a data package of 150 MB for Rs 19 and 1.05 GB for Rs 52.

To connect to the network, the process has been kept really simple. According to Shubhendu Sharma, “We do not ask our users to download any app. They just need to punch in their mobile numbers, fill in the OTP for verification, punch in the key and connect to the Internet.” This is the complete process that people have to do to connect to the network.

While they are aiming at providing super-fast and super-cheap data to all the users who can spare just Rs 2, 90% of the data connections are kept as pre-paid. While the startup is slowly and steadily moving to become the leading name in the telecom industry, it would be very interesting to see what will be the next move of Jio and other telecom companies.