Paytm deepens further to the Indian Mobile users with Paytm Toll-Free Num


Now everyone can use Paytm even without the Mobile Internet with Paytm Toll-Free

On Wednesday, 6th Dec 2017, the consumer internet and e-wallet conglomerate has rolled out a toll-free number for Indian feature phone and non-internet mobile users to get them on Paytm userbase.

Now everyone can use Paytm and use its services of transferring money to other’s wallet or paying for services to vendors. The incredibly good thing they announced is the new toll-free number 1800 1800 1234 which anyone in India can dial and pay to another Paytm customer irrespective of a Smart Phone user or a Mobile phone user with Internet.







Earlier last month, on 8th November, when honorable Prime India Narendra Modi announced in a speech that Rs. 500 and Rs 1000 note would cease to be a legal tender. Since then there has been a cash crunch and people are left behind with a chaos and rush to banks has increased many folds to tender the old notes. Paytm is playing a big role in solving the real problem in need and promoting heavily to use Paytm app with a slogan ”

Paytm is playing a big role in solving the real problem in need and promoting heavily to use Paytm app with a slogan “Ab ATM nahi Paytm Karo” and encouraging to go cashless.

Their all numbers have surpassed to all earlier records to set a benchmark for Nov-Dec. They have got the highest number of User and Merchant base on its platform, approx 50Mn+ and is trending on top on Play Store and App Store.

Earlier this month, Paytm announced its merger of Mobile Wallet with the Paytm Payment bank which will work subscriber’s account more like a bank and most of the transaction facilities would be available there. Now with this launch of Toll-Free number, the reach would be widespread and few more millions of subscriber will be added to the Paytm user base.

How does this Toll-Free number work with the Paytm?

To use this service, as a first step, Paytm customers and merchants must set their 4 Digit Paytm PIN on call. They can then enter the recipient’s mobile number, amount, and their Paytm PIN to successfully transfer the money from their Paytm wallet to another Paytm wallet.

The user needs an existing Paytm account to use this service. For the first time here’s how you can setup your account with Paytm. Only call made to this Toll-Free number from the registered mobile will be valid for making a transaction.

For the first time user, to create a paytm account just log on to or use your friend’s/relative’s smartphone for installing Android or iOS app and signing up thru the process. To add money to your paytm account, you can do it online or alternatively, visit any of the 2,00,000+ cash-in points across India to instantly top up your Paytm account. To find the nearest one, use Paytm Nearby.