Amid the Continuing Problem of Call Drops, Vodafone India Stated That The Customers Should Get The Best Service.


Amidst the ongoing problem of call drops, Vodafone India has stated that the customers should get the best and it is their job to optimize spectrum so as to deliver best services to them.

Vodafone India MD and CEO Sunil Sood gave the statement, “Our customers should have the best and it’s our job to optimize the frequency to the best of our ability as a company.”

He said the Centre has opened a few doors for the industry concerning mobile towers and now the operators are conferring with state governments and municipalities to put up more towers to solve the continuous problem of call drops in India.

Sood when asked about the charge that operators are not investing enough money in networks nowadays which is leading to call drops, he stated, “In the last 12 months, in Delhi and Mumbai alone, we have invested 1,750 crore in networks, we are not saying it’s the end of the game, we will still need to increase our sites as we progress.”

According to the data of the weekly summary report ending August 30 submitted to the Department of Telecom, there is about 43% improvement in bad cells where the call drop rate was more than 3%.