A 13-Year-Old NRI’s Website Aids Investors In Deciding The Best Start-Ups To Fund


Soroush Ghodsi is not just another ordinary teenager. At the age of 13, his vision spells extraordinary and genius.As of now, he’s already on the way of turning into a successful entrepreneur.

Based in Canada, Soroush’s most recent venture Slik is intended to simplify the investors’ task by helping them to select the best startups to fund. Slik  aids investors in searching for the best startups around the world by filtering them on the basis of employee count, investment round, page visits etc.


In an all around reported reaction about his start-up, how he went about it and the response of his friends and family he said:

“It’ll take a few hundred of dollars a month for me to keep running. I used to be way more obsessed with money. I’d stash it every Christmas and birthday and save the money I earned from trading. I bought gold and was into commodities.”

“Startups are more of a niche thing that we think. Sure, they can shape the world and Google was once a startup, but it’s a small community. Most people at my school aren’t into that.”

Soroush was just 12 when he began to deal with this undertaking. Beforehand, he made a Twitter bot called Whisperly that lets individuals tweet anonymously. As the user’s identity is hidden behind an animal face, the basic funda behind this bot is ensuring the anonymity.

Not only this,his web blog about “how a 13-year-old uses online networking and social media” was also welcomed by the critics. Aside from business, he is a regular teenager who is very intelligent and whose favorite subject is Mathematics and who loves playing chess. He has also developed many computer applications.

Well, we wish him all the luck in the world!


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