Ad Tech startup Simpli5d Technologies raises funding


Funding story

The importance of Digital Advertising in the 21st century is acknowledged by all. However, a variety of factors pose hassles in the path of effective digital advertising. These include large-scale spamming by bots on landing pages and various social networking channels (often, the bots pose as advertisers themselves), the presence of a large number of different channels which makes optimization of marketing content difficult and the lack of effective lead generation strategies, among others.

Details of recent funding

Gurgaon-based ad tech startup Simpli5d Technologies seeks to enable advertisers to overcome these hassles to make advertising free and profitable. The startup got a big boost recently, when it raised an undisclosed amount of series  A funding in a round led by Dheeraj Jain, partner at UK-based hedge fund Redcliffe Capital and existing investors YourNest Angel Fund. Set up n 2012 by Amit Mittal and Siddharth Oswal, Simpli5d seeks to use the funding to enhance marketing and for the adoption of newer and more improved technologies.

Simpli5d’s services

The startup currently offers three products which are aimed at making digital advertising more effective-these include Natural Language Processing(NLP)-based captcha, NLPvideo and NLPmobile-the latter two being video and mobile advertising solutions respectively. The startup has noted the hugely alarming increase in spamming of advertising channels by bots, and its captcha advertisements solutions are aimed at preventing this. Value-added services for advertisers, which seek to allow for high rates of lead conversion, are also being conceptualized by Simpli5d.  Its mantra, which is very basic-“Real human + Right Targeting + Real Engagement=Enhanced Brand Recall” is proving to be hugely effective, and has already netted it over 100 clients, including the likes of Toyota, British Airways, Axis Bank, Airtel, P&G and Ibibo among others.


The ad tech industry has been one of the most rapidly booming sectors of late, with lots of acquisitions and funding events being reported. The importance of digital advertising in today’s world will keep Simpli5d’s technologies, which are geared towards making digital advertising more cost-effective, hugely relevant for a long time.

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