Healthcare startup Care24 raises funding


Funding story

Providing healthcare expertise on demand has become an imperative today, which is being made possible through the use of effective and innovative technology. Care24 is one of the foremost startups in this regard. Their recent raising of Rs. 2.25 crore ($350,000) from India Quotient is sure to give a huge boost to its services. According to co-founder Garima Tripathi, the funding is likely to be used for the further training of caregivers affiliated with Care24, and increase the startup’s presence in Mumbai. Plans are also in the pipeline to add further services, such as travel assistants, and allowing for equipment renting. The startup was founded in December 2014 by Garima and Abhishek Tripathi.

Care24’s services

Care24’s USP is its providing of excellent healthcare-related services at home. These services include providing highly trained nurses, physiotherapists, attendants and childcare specialists. Care24 claims to assess user needs in a highly detailed way before booking the requisite services. A detailed plan of caregiving is then established, and regular monitoring and providing of feedback is ensured. Counselling by experienced doctors is also done, in case monitoring warrants it. All this is made possible by Care24’s extensive support system, and their toll free number is manned 24×7, and its mobile app also makes monitoring and communication hassle-free.
Over 50 transactions a day are currently being handled by Care24,and over 200 specialist caregivers are currently affiliated with the startup.

Looking ahead

Care24 makes possible the easy renting of effective healthcare related services. Gone are the days when people would have to look all over to book ayahs and attendants, only to be disappointed by their truancy. Care24’s innovative technology-driven platform is set to usher in a better future for those in need of healthcare-related services.

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