: Revolutionizing digital skill training

Set up in 1981 by IIT graduates Rajendra S.Pawar and Vijay K.Thadani,  NIIT (National Institute for Information Technology) is India’s premier private sector organization involved in imparting skill-based training.  Focusing primarily on training individuals and enterprises in Information technology and related fields, NIIT runs numerous training and educational centres across India. Realising the need for carrying forward their training initiatives to a much larger section of the Indian populace in coordination with the Ministry of Information Technology’s Digital India campaign, NIIT has recently launched, an online learning portal that is set to revolutionize the IT learning industry.

NIIT has recognized that it needs to breach four major constraints in order to reach out to the largest possible section of the Indian populace-these constraints are time, location, language and cost. is aimed at allowing Indians to overcome these constraints. The featured courses on will be available to end-users at any time and place, and accessible on Computers , iPads and Smartphones. Moreover, while most NIIT courses that are currently being offered by  the various learning centres run by the organization are in English, this initiative promises to offer courses in multiple languages. As of now, courses in English and Hindi are available.

And  the best feature of all is that it is completely free, with more than 20 programmes currently available. These programmes deal with varied topics, such as  the basics of HTML programming, Banking terms and mechanisms, Financial terms and MS Office tools , to name a few. The initiative aims at delivering comprehensive training to meet industry requirements for skilled workforce.

All courses will contain video lectures, but is not just an e-learning portal, which consists solely of pedagogic videos. Extensive follow-up will be carried out, with integrated assessment of learner performance. Every attempt has also been made to make the training process interactive and exciting.
The Beta edition launched on the 6th of October will receive extensive refurbishment, based on the feedback of learners. Plans are also in place to restructure learning programmes for the benefit of corporate houses and entrepreneurs, in line with NIIT’s broad policy statement. All the courses currently available at the various NIIT centres will be made accessible in due course.

NIIT has never refrained from pushing the very frontiers of innovation in the skill training industry. NIIT’s excellent products cater to a wide range of individuals and corporate entities, ensuring their being imbued with the most relevant of skills. is sure to revolutionize the skill training industry even further, making it more accessible, enjoyable and cheaper. With the innovative use of technology and goal-driven business models , will play a key role in amplifying the capabilities of the Indian workforce.

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