NCR based Burger Singh raised USD 350K from Angel Investors


Year 2015 has been a hot year for Food Statups and Food Delivery HyperLocals amongst VC. With the trending rise in demand for Food sector in India, it is catching VC’s eyes to put in money.

Gurgaon based fast food chain startup ‘Burger Singh’, which operates under the business name ‘Tipping Mr Pink Pvt Ltd‘ has just raised an amount of USD 350K (~ 2.25 Crores) from Angel Investors Ashvin Chadha (IAN), Avtar Monga (COO-IDFC), Dheeraj Jain (Partner-Redciffe Capital) and Udan Angel Partners.

Burger Singh, runs a QSR (what we call it as Quick Service Restaurant) which serves fast foods like Burgers, Fries, Sauces, Dips and drinks. It currently operates through its 3 outlets in Gurgaon and are planning to expand to 75 in next 5 years with the investment they just raised.

Founded in Nov 2014 by 3 childhood friends Kabirjeet Singh, Nipun Soodan and Nitin Rana when they saw the demand of fast foods are rising in India and felt the need of a ‘Desi Tadka’ in Burgers to cater to Indian Taste buds.

Kabirjeet Singh Says:

I used to work at a burger joint in London to make ends meet when I was doing an MBA there. I had access to the kitchen, so I experimented with Indian spices. In no time, I realised that the ‘Indianised’ burgers had become exceptionally popular with Indian students around the neighbourhood.

As per Kabirjeet, they have good range of Burger menus with 15 delicious flavors (Veg and Non-Veg) in Indian taste. Some of the popular one includes Lasooni Chicken Burger, Bihari Ghost Burger, Achari Mutton Burger, and United States of Punjab Burger which is really finger licking and mouthlicious.

Opportunity and Challenges!

Fast Food and QSR is a fast growing market and is estimated at USD 1.1 Billion as of 2016 end. Fast Food aka QSR is growing at a rapid pace in India and the demand is surging for it. It all started when McDonald and Domino’s Pizza entered in India way back in 1996 and there was a huge response to that. Later came some more fast food chains to start operating in India through some strategic partnership with Indian Restaurants ventures.

Burger Singh is planning to raise USD 2-3Mn Series A round in next six months to further strengthen itself and sustain in this competitive market.

Website: Burger Singh