OfferGrid : Revolutionizing online advertising


Optimizing one’s digital marketing campaign has become absolutely essential for companies in today’s world. There are numerous digital marketing channels ; the most frequently used ones being Search Engine Marketing  (via GoogleAdWords, Yahoo Gemini andBing Ads, among others) ,  Social Media Marketing through the use of Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn , etc and advertising using Mobile apps.

As the digital marketing scenario becomes more diverse with each passing day, company managers often find it extremely inconvenient to calculate and keep track of advertising spends on different channels. Keeping track of the success of each advertisement venture is also becomes a tiring chore.
The ideal solution to such digital marketing  problems is provided by OfferGrid , which provides online advertising solutions aimed at ensuring the optimization of investments in advertising campaigns. OfferGrid provides 3 features-iGrid , CouponCommerce and

Set up by Mr Deepankar Biswas in 2011, Bangalore-based  OfferGrid’s  staple tool is the iGrid , a platform for digital advertising that optimizes the advertising of products on multiple channels. iGrid allows for SEM , through the use of popular search engine marketing tools such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini. Social Media Advertising is ensured through the use of Facebook, and Banner, Mobile and Video Advertising all form  part of the package offered by this excellent platform.
Efforts are also underway to include Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram among the list of channel options. Users who wish to make use of only a few of the advertising channels can also do so. Detailed reports enable the user to monitor the cost-effectiveness of each campaign.

Setting up an account on iGrid is easy and painless, and OfferGrid also provides an Account Manager, which enables the best advertising practices to be included in the campaign. iGrid works with all possible online advertising models – CPV (Cost per Visit) , CPVL (Cost per Verified Lead) , CPL (Cost per Lead) , CPC (Cost per Click) , CPI (Cost per Install) and CPM (Cost Per Impression) are all permissible, and the model used  depends on the campaign objectives in question.
OfferGrid also offers comprehensive customer care via phone and email.

Another of OfferGrid’s features, which is available both as a part of iGrid and as a standalone feature, is Its chief aim is the identification of wastage of expenditures in digital advertisement campaigns. A free 14-day  trial version is possible for Plugit, and the full range of features which it provides includes not only the detection of wastage in spends, but also the offering of workable recommendations for optimizing advertising campaigns, and their presentation to stakeholders in an attractive format. Different customizable packages are available for different kinds of businesses, which are graded according to scale.

The other exciting product is CouponCommerce, which makes easy the often tedious process of collating coupons on offer and discount offers, and ensures that their ready availability to mobile operators who, in turn, seek to make them available to customers depending on their location. The interface bringing together the discount provider, mobile operator and user is thus made more easy-to-use.

OfferGrid thus makes use of the power of the internet to ensure the optimization of a range of commercial operations, foremost among them being advertising. OfferGrid is set to fundamentally change the way in which advertisement campaigns are devised of and implemented, with benefits being reaped by businessmen, advertisers and end-users.