Bedding products startup Sundayrest raises funding


Funding story

One of the most innovative Indian startups, Sundayrest, recently raised $300,000 in seed funding from a number of investors, led by Anand Morzaria, Pennywise founder. The startup specializes in dealing in mattresses and pillows.

What is Sundayrest?

Founded by Alphonse Reddy, its focus on this highly specialized segment allows it to deliver maximum quality. It sources its bedding equipment from international brands. According to Sundayrest, its designs were were conceptualized by well-known Japanese designer Hiroko Shiratori. Recently, Sundayrest even brought out a new 100-day trial programme. This allows potential customers to decide on buying after using Sundayrest’s products for 100 days!!! Some of its most popular products are the Sunday Delight Pillows(which are designed keeping the Sunday mattess in mind), the Sunday Mattress Protector and the Sunday Mattress Topper. The features of all of Sundayrest’s products are explained in detail, with special emphasis being given to the quality of the material being used, as well as the appearance. The products can be ordered on the excellent website itself.
Sundayrest also claims to have done extensive work in hand-picking the most healthy and comfortable mattresses. A lot of investment has also gone into refining the technology involved. According to the startup, most of their products were re-engineered comprehensively. Fundamental changes were made to the foam, fiber and fabric.
Currently, delivery services are restricted to Bangalore. Sundayrest plans to commence services in Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai soon.

The bottom line

According to Reddy, Sundayrest’s emphasis on this niche is likely to net significant gains. The bedding segment is growing at a rate of 20% each year, with evolving user choices enticing consumers to go in for the best bedding products which are available at the most affordable prices. Sundayrest’s emphasis on quality, and its highly easy-to-use online platform are likely to enable it to outpace its many competitors, such as Kurlon, Sleepwell and Springfit.

Sundayrest’s website can be visited here to buy its products, or to gain more information about its services.