Healthcare startup Portea Medical acquires MedyBiz Pharma


 Acquisition story

Healthcare startup Portea Medical recently announced the takeover of pharma distributor MedyBiz Pharma. The amount for which the deal was made has not been disclosed yet. Portea Medical, set up in 2012 by Zachary Jones and Karan Aneja, and acquired by Meena and Ganesh Krishnan in July 2013, is a comprehensive healthcare platform offering a wide range of services. Portea now seeks to use the raised funding to improve patient engagement, the general quality of their services, and to expand aggressively.

About Portea and MedyBiz Pharma

Portea aims to be more than just a healthcare-at-home startup. It offers a range of services which seek to deliver healthcare effectively, cheaply and conveniently. On the website itself, patients can sign up for their services simply by giving their personal details-their name,mobile number and email id. Trained doctors, physiotherapists and nurses can then visit the patients in their homes. Portea’s network of medical professionals also includes Psychologists, Nutritionists and trained attendants. All medical professionals affiliated with Portea are professionally trained and have a significant degree of experience. In addition, Portea also offers lab samples and medical equipment on hire.
MedyBiz Pharma, started in 2009, claims to be a Pharmacy Benefits Manager. Its extensive experience, and its team of highly trained professionals have allowed it to gain a crucial foothold in a highly important segment. Kewal Handa, the CEO of the Bengaluru-based company, believes that its acquisition by Portea will allow it to craft a strong alliance delivering holistic medical benefits to patients everywhere.

What we think

The healthcare segment continues to remain a highly lucrative ground for emerging startups, with the value of the segment estimated to reach $160 million by 2017. The demand for holistic, effective services which are available conveniently is also higher than ever before. This latest development will thus prove to be hugely beneficial for patients everywhere.

Portea’s website can be visited here, and MedyBiz’s website also offers a good deal of information about one of the participants in this latest development.

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