Get Started With These 7 Actions To Tender Your Job Resignation and Begin Your Startup Dream!


The idea of giving resignation must enter your mind on a daily basis once you have decided to adopt the path of entrepreneurship. It probably brings you a world of satisfaction to finally feel that you would own something and be free, but it also seems challenging & scary.

Your life becomes a ‘brand’ that can be seen and tested at all times, not only when during a job, but also after quitting.

Rather than being impulsive and making the wrong decisions, it is best to take a deep breath and weigh-in all the negative and positive aspects. The mannerism displayed while quitting is as significant as moulding your career.

Even if you dislike the former workplace or some pesky co-workers, you are unaware of the probabilities and possibilities they might bring in the future, so it is best not to sabotage relations. Professional ethics of a motivated entrepreneur can always result in robust performance among the co-workers.

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Prepare for the next big chapter of your life after resignation with these seven essential actions before becoming a self-starter.



1. Update Your Resume

Your resume must be up to date even if the intention is to open a business. This is a great tool for gaining potential leads and customers that come to aid during turbulent times.

Also, when you carve-out your resume, use words that are persuasive and constructive to call the attention of readers. Thus, maintaining a timely record of your accolades can add valuable opportunities in the future.

2. Plan Your Finances Ahead

Save at least a year’s salary ahead of time to cover your personal and professional expenses, including emergencies & back-up. Do not seek resignation in haste, or you might end up with no money in a few months! Being an entrepreneur is a long & strenuous journey, so avoid setbacks to the best of your abilities.

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3. Analyse The Situation

Starting a business means indulging with tonnes of bureaucracy. It is unavoidable and extremely mandatory, so it is better to be patient and try to assimilate as much information as possible.

Find out whether the business requires authorizations or licenses, know the target audience and competitors, and understand the limitations of your product offering.

It may seem complicated at first, especially with a full-time job, but it is mandatory.

4. Create a Strong Plan of Action

Before rendering resignation, outline the goals and stay focussed. It is important to analyse the income, which connections to use and sustain yourself. After you find the answers to these matters, then you may start not risking the business.

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5. Find an Inspirational Mentor

A mentor is primarily a business expert who can guide you through the entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes it gets crucial to appoint a mentor to help you stick to the said ambitions. It is best if you hire a business coach instead of a friend or family.

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6. Start Taking Action

If you have followed through with the steps above, it is now time to take action!

Open a bank account, build a website or buying an existing domain, set up a business email and carve out a plan of activities. These are some of the many examples of actions to accomplish.

Bear in mind; these steps should be taken while you still have a full-time job, so schedule them during weekends and leave a little time for relaxation as well, Sunday evenings might be a good idea.

7. Do Not Burn Your Reputation

It is important that your exit from the company goes as smooth as possible. When the time comes to ask for the resignation, prepare yourself for the exit interview, serve the notice period diligently and with a smile on your face.

Do what it takes to have an A+ record. Having a good reference is more pressing today than ever before. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow this company will be one of your many clients?

To have a huge career, you must think and behave professionally at each phase of the work life. An experienced professional leaves a lasting impression along the way so that the same co-workers you left behind would want to help out an old colleague tomorrow.

Image Credits: Miss Millennia Magazine