Space X launching its most powerful rocket yet Falcon Heavy, on Tuesday

Space X Launching

Space X Launching Falcon Heavy this Tuesday


Space X is all excited for the test launch of its first most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy, on Tuesday. The rocket launch will be the most powerful in the operations as it has the capability to reach Moon and Mars someday. The launch, which is scheduled on Tuesday for 1:30 pm from Cape Canaveral, is expected to be the game changer by the industry experts. It is believed if the launch goes successfully it will change the present scenario of the present game of space race. It is one of the biggest launches for Space X and thus no gaps are left unfilled. This is not the first time Space X launching a rocket but this one is considerably incredible.


Erik Seedhouse, assistant professor of applied aviation sciences at Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University said, “NASA may decide to use it (the Falcon Heavy) as a way of fast-tracking its plans to get to the moon and Mars.” Another official Jason Davis of the Planetary Society described Falcon Heavy as “mythical.” He said that “Tuesday’s launch is a huge deal even for a company that routinely accomplishes huge deals.” One can easily analyze the importance of this launch for Space X and the revolution it will bring with its success.

Space X Launching Animated Video Revealed in Launch Preview


Space X also launched an animated video of the launch’s preview. It will be in the exact launch style that will happen on Tuesday. There will be no people on board but just a mannequin wearing the spacesuit of the futuristic astronauts. The animated video will focus on every little detail of the launch and will highlight every step. The CEO of the operation Elon Musk said, “There would be times when the rocket will come very close to Mars with very tiny possibility of hitting Mars”.


Musk told the media that “It is guaranteed to be exciting, one way or another. Either it is going to be an exciting success or an exciting failure.” Everyone in Space X launching is pretty excited about the launch and wants it to turn as a success. A live webcast of the launch can also be witnessed by the audience on from around 1:00 pm. Let’s all stay tuned to witness on which side of the coin the launch takes off. Either the launch will be a hit or Space X has to wait for more time for a successful launch.