Medicine delivery startup Pluss raises funding


Funding story

Combining the logistical capability of a delivery startup and the humanitarian desire to ensure speedy transportation of medicines resulted in the creation of Pluss, an on-demand medicine delivery startup. Pluss made news recently when it succeeded in raising $1 million in pre-Series A funding from a group of investors. This group included the likes of IDG Ventures India, M&S Partners and US-based Powerhouse Ventures. The Gurgaon-based startup was set up in 2015 by Atit Jain, Madhulika Pandey and Tarun Lawadia. According to Atit, Pluss’s services will be available in five cities by the end of the year.

About Pluss’s services

Pluss’s services can be availed of both by downloading the app(currently available for both Android and iOS users), or by visiting their excellent website. Their services operate via a two-stage process : first, the user uploads his prescription, and then, he gives his location. Currently, doorstep delivery is possible for users living in the NCR region. Discounts and exciting offers on various medical products are also highlighted on the site/app itself. Pluss prides itself on the superfast nature of its free delivery services. Delivery is assured within an hour of getting the confirmation sms. Their delivery fleet is extremely efficient. The executives who make up this fleet are called “Pluss men”.

Future prospects

The traditional pharmacy retail sector in India suffers from numerous drawbacks. Startups like Pluss seek to fundamentally transform the traditional retail sector. Pluss’s emphasis on innovation and effective logistics has already paid rich dividends. App subscription and downloads have grown by 50% on a monthly basis. Over 500 orders are being handled each day, and the latest round of funding, as well as others in the pipeline are certain to be a huge boost for this exciting startup. Pluss’s disruptive innovation is sure to go a long way.

The app can be downloaded here for Android users. This link is beneficial for iOS users.