Product customization platform Gingercrush raises funding


Funding story

Product customization is being widely touted as the next big method of engaging customers. This novel concept looks set to fundamentally revolutionise the overall consumer experience. Given its high potential, its no surprise that product customization platforms like Printvenue, Zoomin, VistaPrint and VoxPop have reported huge gains in  the recent past. And the latest bit of exciting news in this regard is the raising of funding by product customization startup Gingercrush, from T V Mohandas Pai’s family office. Pai is the chairman of Manipal Global Education, and a former member of the board of directors of Infosys.

What Gingercrush is about

Pai’s huge experience is likely to give a huge boost to the organizational strength of the Gingercrush team. Vadodara-based Gingercrush was set up by Rajvi Makol and Saumya Nidhi earlier in 2015.  A vast array  of products are on offer on its excellent online platform-ranging from T-shirts for boys, girls and women, to mugs, coasters and toys. Each product can be customized, according to the customer’s wishes, in a variety of ways. For instance, T-shirts can have user-designed writing on it, with customers being given the option to edit fonts and colours. Gingercrush’s excellent customization tool allows customers to exercise their imagination to the fullest, with the base(non-customised) products all featuring excellent artwork themselves. The ordering process is also extremely convenient and eliminated hassle.
Customers can also keep track of their orders through email/SMS. The use of highly advanced printing equipment and quality controls ensures user satisfaction.

What we think

According to Mohandas Pai, Gingercrush, and the product customization segment in general, is geared towards fulfilling the ever-changing demands of customers, allowing them to deepen their relationship and feel more involved with the brands whose products they buy. With well-designed expansion plans in the pipeline, Gingercrush is set to go from strength to strength, enhancing customer experience on the way.