Salon and spa discovery platform Stylofie raises seed funding


Funding story

The rising demands of a consumerist lifestyle in the 21st century have also resulted in a corresponding increase in the popularity of various recreation options, such as spas and salons. One of the latest startups trying to cash in on this upswing in demand is Gurgaon-based Stylofie. It was set up earlier this year by Prateek Agarwal and Saurav Dey. It received a huge boost recently by managing to raise seed funding to the tune of $250,000 from Hong Kong-based company Swastika.

How does Stylofie work? 

The Stylofie concept emerged when Prateek, an avid spa lover, saw how unorganized and informal the overall well-being sector was. There was little knowledge among customers regarding costs, membership options and quality. Thus, customers would often have to brave inconvenience in order to avail of the features of spas and salons. Spas and salons themselves would also face a lot of inconvenience as a result, with little forward thinking being invested in hiring or expansion. Stylofie seeks to change this. The startup provides a comprehensive wellbeing discovery platform. The locations of various salons are clearly laid down on the online platform, along with the beauty treatments being offered there. Exciting offers and packages are also highlighted. A simple three-step process leads to the effective discovery of well-being options ; the first step involves choosing the services required, the second involves selecting the location, and the date and time of service are chosen in the third stage.
A variety of highly effective beauty tips are also offered on the online platform.

What we think

Stylofie has chosen a highly significant sector to operate in, and their hard work is already paying off ; a 100 percent growth in the customer base is already being noticed on a monthly basis. Stylofie’s innovation and focus on consumer satisfaction are likely to spur on the startup’s expansion in the months to come.

Visit Stylofie’s website for more information.