Reliance Jio and Xiaomi partners for exclusive rights to sell Mi smartphones and Xiaomi’s TV’s

Jio and Xiaomi

Reliance Jio and Xiaomi to Sell Mi Smart TV and Smartphones via Jio Retail Network

The Reliance Jio is in talks with the Chinese Tech Giant ‘Xiaomi’ in order to establish a partnership, as they already have with Apple. In this partnership term, Reliance Jio will sell the Xiaomi’s smartphones and TV’s  in India while utilizing Jio’s retail network of reliance stores. There is no surprise if you get some exclusive offers from Jio on Xiaomi’s products.


Xaomi is planning to bring a number of products exclusively for the Indian electronics market. When we talk about the phones, Xiaomi is already the #1 smartphone manufacturer and seller in India. Worl’s second largest consumer market is a big opportunity for the Xiaomi to sell and partnering with Jio will ease this in future. Both company officials already have several meetings together for this deals. Reliance Jio believes this deal is going to be incredible with the launch of Xiaomi Smart Tv and smartphones.

Jio and Xiaomi already have mutual relationship to sell some exclusive offers with each other’s product.


Before this deal, the Xiaomi is already a leader in Indian market of smartphones. They had around 8.2 millions shipments of smartphones whereas Samsung around 7.3 million. There are arrangements to provide B2B product of Xiaomi to the retailer of Jio in order to digitize the chain of suppliers. Both the companies (Jio and Xiaomi) are keen to expand their consumer relationship for the long term. Rather than the smartphones, they are soon bringing more new electronics products to India such as smart TV.


As Xiaomi is going to launch its smart TV in India, but in the June of last year India MD, Manu jain posted a photo along with the Xiaomi co-founder “Wang Chuang” where they have wrote that Chuang came to India in order to know about the habits of viewing TV of the consumers of India.


It is heard that Reliance will be going to coincide with the launch of its broadband services such as JioFibre which offers speed of 1Gbps with Xiaomi smart TV in the India. According to the Industries, Jio is expected to sell smart TV’s of Xiaomi along with broadband JioFibre plans at very genuine prices. For the different models of smartphones, they both Jio and Xiaomi are expecting to enlarge their partnership deed. It is expected that the Reliance Jio is providing 100 GB free data to the first 3 months users with JioFibre. They are also providing high Internet speed of about 100 Mbps in some residential areas of Delhi NCR.