Lockering services startup QikPod raises funding


Funding story

An excellent innovation in the logistics sphere, QikPod, recently raised $9 million in funding from Flipkart and renowned VC Accel Partners. This round also saw participation from logistics provider Delhivery and Taiwanese electronics vendors Foxconn. This novel innovation is being led by Ravi Gururaj.

What is QikPod?

QikPod essentially aims at providing excellent and comprehensive locker services, by tying up with ecommerce companies like Flipkart, and being a disruptive influence on the logistics sphere in general. Basically, QikPod lockers are likely to be installed at apartment buildings and grocery chains and markets. In the long run, QikPod aims to create a network of fully automated lockers. The chief benefit of lockering services is that they greatly reduce the need of re-delivering couriers when deliveries don’t occur. Ths, a much fewer number of journeys will have to be done, greatly benefiting logistical operations. As a side-benefit, even greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced, due to fewer journeys being undertaken.

General conclusion

Overall, the last-mile delivery segment needed the impact of disruptive concepts such as these. It greatly enhances the flexibility of supply operations, reduces re-delivery and helps couriers. QikPod’s services have already been described smooth, effective and efficient by its key investors Delhivery and Flipkart. Ravi has already said that the raised funding will be used in building a comprehensive network of lockers. Thus, we can be confident that QikPod’s emphasis on making services smoother and more efficient will greatly boost the logistics sector overall. QikPod’s services are expected to go online soon, and will benefit customers and logistics providers alike.