Sponsorhunt- a novel platform which brings together event planners and sponsoring companies


The root of the problem, and the likely saviours

Getting the right kind of sponsorship for various kinds of events has always been a big challenge in India. The lack of proper sponsorship platforms means that getting the right kind of financial support involves a lot of hassle. BTech students Ritwik Wadhwa and Saloni Gupta have come up with an innovative solution which seeks to make gaining sponsors for events easy.

About Sponsorhunt’s services

Their creation-Sponsorhunt, which opened shop on the 18th of July, 2015-is an online platform which allows for  extremely simple and convenient registration for event organizers.  Companies which seek to use events for brand promotion can also use this platform to reach out to organizers. Thus, the lengthy, convoluted and extremely difficult process of companies tying up with events, which used to occur in an ad-hoc way, has been simplified greatly thanks to Sponsorhunt.
In addition, Sponsorhunt also facilitates easier and more effective communication between sponsors and event planners, besides aiding in marketing strategizing. Sponsorhunt stays in touch with registered companies and event planners, informing them whenever a suitable deal emerges. The startup allows for sponsoring of all kinds-Monetary, Kind and Association sponsorships are available through its excellent online platform. The startup’s monetization is ensured through a commission of 10 or 20% on the sponsorship amount involved, and this is raised from event planners. Companies registering on Sponsorhunt’s excellent platform are not charged for registration itself, but for aid with marketing operations, a quarterly fee is levied.

Progress made, and the path ahead

Over the past 4 months, Sponsorhunt has succeeded in ensuring the involvement of over 40 events and 10 companies on its novel platform.. Ritwik and Saloni, who are currently focusing solely on the Delhi NCR area, are looking to bring on board all possible events in this area, within the next 6 months. Its focus on simplicity and the facilitation of convenient and effective communication is sure to make sponsorship troubles an issue of the past.


If you are an Event Organizer or looking to sponsor a relevant Event, browse SponsorHunt