eCommerce furniture portal CustomFurnish raises funding


Funding story

Set up by Madhukar Gangadi in April, furniture portal CustomFurnish recently gained a huge boost when it raised Rs. 30 crore from Bangalore-based family office Angus Capital. Currently, the startup’s services are available in Hyderabad and Bangalore, but plans are afoot to expand it to other metros. This is the startup’s second significant success after the raising of Rs. 16 crore in an earlier round, which involved the likes of Srini Raju of Peepul Capital and Srini Koppolu of Hyderabad Angels.
The raised funding is likely to be used to strengthen the startup’s logistical facilities, and the technologies used.

About CustomFurnish

An extremely wide range of furnishings and accessories are available on CustomFurnish’s excellent portal. The startup seeks to be an all-in-one home furnishing platform. CustomFurnish provides kitchen accessories, sofas and curtains, and also a range of customizable office furnishing products. All fabrics and colours used can be choosed by the user, at will. The range of designs available is also extremely large. For instance, CustomFurnish provides two kinds of wardrobes-wall wardrobes and stand-alone wardrobes. The wardrobe’s width and height can be designed on the excellent platform itself, and the user can also design lofts and additional aspects of wardrobes.
CustomFurnish also has an extremely transparent and easy-to-understand delivery policy. Purchasing furniture involves a single-time payment of Rs.1000 for order booking, and prior to the transfer, CustomFurnish’s design experts visit the user and help him out with the design. On the other hand, for curtains, 15 curtain samples can be ordered for Rs.500.

Competitors and prospects

CustomFurnish has a number of significant rivals in this segment-the key operators in the home furnishing space are UrbanLadder, HomeLane and FabFurnish. Moreover, Stichwood and Woodenstreet operate in the same eCommerce furnishing segment as CustomFurnish. However, CustomFurnish’s offering of excellent and versatile options to customers, as well as its transparency and expansion strategies are likely to see it capture a major portion of this crucial segment.

Visit CustomFurnish’s website for more information, or to buy their products.