Trigr-a curated marketplace for educational resources


PESS-the latest kid on the edu tech block? 

Using technological innovation to reform the faltering education sector has become a key focus of many a startup. Moving away from the traditional method of  teaching in favour of a more effective system which attracts a greater number of students.
The edu tech domain is also marked by a huge diversity in the aims and methods of the startups which operate in this space. Many have forayed into the edutainment space-one such platform is ConveGenius, a startup which we profiled earlier. Others are more focused on the release of relevant educational software. One such startup is PESS-an acronym for Polygon Education Software and Services. Set up by IIT Grads Manjeet  and Sunil , PESS seeks to use technology to propel themselves forward regarding the creation of educational software. Backed by fellow edu tech startup Triaas, PESS offers a number of exciting products which are all set to revolutionise education.

About Trigr

The principal offerings of the company are TestMent-an online test software, OMREasy-an OMR sheet reader, and EduMent-an Institute Management Software. In addition, PESS intends to unveil Trigr-a curated marketplace for students and teachers, soon.
In today’s world, there is a great need for student-teacher interaction outside the regular sphere of schools and colleges. The diverse requirements of students, particularly as regards preparation for innumerable competitive exams, makes on-demand  and accessible educational resources extremely valuable. PESS seeks to create exactly such a platform through Trigr, with the greater aim being the creation of accessible educational resources which are high on quality. The gathering of all such resources on a single platform will make life much easier for students, especially those who are keen on preparing for miscellaneous competitive examinations. Currently, gathering educational resources for this process is a rather tedious process for most students, and they have to rely a lot on word-of-mouth knowledge, besides having to shell out exorbitant sums for coaching.

Growth plans

Trigr will soon be launched in Delhi, and then expanded to 5 new cities within the coming six months. PESS seeks to universalize the Trigr platform, ensuring that it becomes a repository of educational resources for all subjects, and for students of all backgrounds. PESS’s focus on bringing together students and teachers on one accessible platform thus looks set to reap rich dividends. PESS also seeks to release both web and app versions of this platform, besides gaining revenue through both equity and revenue. Given Trigr’s promise, one can expect such plans to be fulfilled pretty soon.

PESS’s site is likely to provide more info about Trigr soon.