Low cost internet services startup i2e1 raises funding


Funding story

In the midst of a period when the vast majority of startups are targeting the food tech and miscellaneous aggregation segments, i2e1, a network layer platform which seeks to make internet access cheaper in India, has made a significant breakthrough. The startup recently succeeded  in raising $500,000 worth of seed funding from GrowX ventures. Other participants in this round included Mohandas Pai, Rajan Pandhare, Debashish Mitter and Singapore Angels.

About i2e1

The data management company, which had been founded by IIT and IIM alumnus Satyam Darmora, along with Ashutosh Mishra, Anugrah Adams, Gaurav Bansal and Manas Dwivedi, seeks to provide low cost technology solutions for those interested in internet services. Even though internet usage has been increasing in India at a steady pace, quality services are still extremely difficult to access, and are often prohibitively costly. I2e1, with the use of innovative technology, seeks to make a key disruption in this segment and revolutionise the overall IT sector.
According to i2e1, their ultimate aim is the creation of over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots across India. The greater goal is the creation of a thoroughly connected system using excellent analytics techniques and cost-efficient technology. I2e1’s services will also allow people to go online very easily. The process merely involves selecting the designated i2e1 network via Wi-Fi settings, entering the mobile number, and the 4 digit OTP which the i2e1 network sends to the user.

Present status and future prospects

Currently, i2e1’s services are available across India, and among their long list of 100+ clients are numbered the likes of ISPs, retail outlets, and many eminent players in the hospitality segment. The excellent quality of i2e1’s services at nominal cost enables value-added internet-related services to be created by a number of industries. The i2e1 team consists of extremely skilled and dedicated professionals, and includes eminent venture investors and AI specialists such as Geeta Goel and Dr. Mausam. Overall, it can be said with great confidence that i2e1 has a bright future.

The startup’s website can be visited here.