How to Switch from Beta to Official iOS Release?


Well, many of us have joined the iOS public or developer beta program. It feels good to try out the newest features first right? We know that feel! But sometimes the experience spoils with a buggy update. Also as most of the updates add a new feature, it is quite normal they are not polished. As a result, either the device runs slow or there’s reports of app crashes or may be both. At that point of time, you can only wait for another new update to patch everything. No! That’s not the ‘only’ thing you can do. A better option is to return or downgrade to an official release of the OS which is more stable for daily usage. Here is how you can do it.

But wait, Before you start backup everything that you have got on your phone. Waiting for a few minutes and backing up will be better than losing any important data. Let’s continue when you finish backing up.

Switching from Beta to Official iOS Release

  1. Go to Settings. Now Go to General  and then to Profiles.
  2. Select the Beta profile.
  3. You have to now remove the Beta profile. Press Delete Profile.
  4. If you ae prompted, enter your passcode. Once more press Delete.
  5. Now press the home button then and hold the Power Button and Slide to switch off the phone.
  6. Finally, restart the phone and you are good to go.

Switching from iOS Beta to Official Release using a Mac

  1. Connect your phone to your Mac.
  2. Now hold the Power and Home button at the same time. It will take your phone to the recovery mode. Note: Do not release the button once you see the Apple logo after restart. Keep holding it.
  3. Click Update on your mac when you are prompted.
  4. Click on Update again.
  5. Agree the terms and conditions on your mac and now it will download and install latest public release.

If you are having any issues regarding the process let us know in the comment section below.