About KIDSS, an app which aids in parenting


An introduction to KIDSS

Parenting in the 21st century involves tackling ever-varying challenges and issues. With many parents bogged down by their professional careers, parenting has become extremely challenging these days. However, some apps are seeking to make parenting much easier. One such app is KIDSS. KIDSS is an acronym for Kid Social Shell, and was created by Chifro Studious in August 2015. Gurgaon-based Chifro has released numerous products of edutainment value for young children, and KIDSS is their latest exciting offering. Founded by Aruna Sharma, Saurabh Thakur, Hemant Soni and Prenit Wankhede, the company has an excellent team of highly trained writers and app developers.

Details about its services

KIDSS seeks to be a comprehensive platform which can help parents and guardians keep track of a child’s development. It allows parents, guardians, pediatricians, and miscellaneous childcare experts from across the globe to come together to discuss issues pertaining to parenting. Parents can now easily and effortlessly engage the services of health experts for monitoring and taking care of the health of the mother and her child. Moreover, Pre-birth health conditions can be monitored, and related issues addressed, via KIDSS. The  app is currently available on Android. Given the extent of penetration of cellphone connectivity in India, and the urgent need to address pressing maternal health issues on a nationwide scale, KIDSS’s promise of making healthcare for the mother and the child available at one’s fingertips can thus have long-reaching socio-economic implications.

Our take

Furthermore, the app seeks to take the “gamification” concept further by offering exciting edutainment programs for children. Children can thus engage in fun and play during the long hours when their parents are away working, using the KIDSS platform. Chifro has a long history of devising such exciting games for young children, and the app will definitely incorporate some of their best offerings.

Download the  app here.