Tratoli : A travel planning platform for the budget traveler


About the travel planning segment

In today’s world,  the ever-diversifying demands of the urban consuming class pertaining to leisure have resulted in the mushrooming of numerous enterprises which cater to such needs. The travel planning segment has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. One of the most exciting travel planning startups is Tratoli.

What is Tratoli?

Tratoli seeks to enable budding tourists to discover destinations which are located off the beaten track. They offer numerous travel packages, with many of them centred on international destinations. Tratoli’s online portal makes travel planning very easy. Users can avail of Tratoli’s travel planning services by merely stating the particulars of their journey-the departure date and location, number of days included in the trip, the destination, and finally, the contact details. The efficiency of this startup’s team allows for the efficient hammering out of details pertaining to the trip, thus making travel-planning hassle free.
The travel packages offered are extremely diverse in nature, and include a number of destinations in India and abroad. The needs of all kinds of tourists are catered to—those who love the mountains can visit Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, while those who want the best of city life can have their trips to Dubai and Paris customized by the company.

Further details, and our views regarding its prospects

Moreover, customizable itineraries are available for each destination. Tratoli firmly believes that in order to make the most out of one’s trips, its important to not make them too brief. Thus, all the trips on offer are of atleast a week’s duration.
Special offers are also highlighted, for the user’s convenience. Moreover, in keeping with the aims of most of today’s travel planning portals, Tratoli seeks to keep prices as low as possible. Most of their packages fall within the Rs. 30000-80000 range. Thus, the portal is a must-visit for every keen budget traveler. Tratoli’s focus on customer convenience is likely to serve it in good stead in the years to come.

The Tratoli website should be visited for more info regarding their services.


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