GoYayy : A mobile only leisure discovery app


About the leisure discovery segment

The leisure discovery segment has enjoyed a huge upswing of late. The USP of this segment is that it allows for the customized discovery of leisure-related activities, allowing people to discover enjoyable activities as and when they desire. One such enterprise is Delhi based mobile app startup GoYayy -which provides comprehensive leisure discovery solutions effectively, and in a hassle-free way.

What is GoYayy?

GoYayy was set up by Saurabh Awasthi, Sunny Katiyar, Prashant Verma in Sep 2015. The mobile first marketplace allows for the convenient booking of leisure-related options. Unlike many other leisure discovery apps, this enterprise seeks to cater to every mood and every discovery of the customer. A wide variety of exciting activities are showcased by this app-these range from cooking courses and paintballs to delicious banquets and food and wine festivals at pubs. Some, such as adventure sports and games, previously had a niche following in India. However, the influence of apps like GoYayy has proven key to providing more exposure to such activities. The process of booking GoYayy’s services is an extremely simple one-which involves three basic steps. Firstly, the app, which is free, should be downloaded. Secondly, the enterprise’s huge range of activities can be browsed through, and appropriate activities selected. Thirdly, the entire process can be concluded easily by choosing the vendor which allows for payment for the activity in question. Thus, the app emphasizes customer convenience all the way.

Future prospects

Currently, the startup’s services are accessible only in the NCR area. However, it is expected to raise funding soon, and this will lead to a general expansion encompassing the entire country. GoYayy seeks to target students and office-goers mostly-it is these busy people who are in most need of planning out their leisure suitably. GoYayy, and the leisure discovery segment as a whole, looks set to have a bright future.

For more info, visit the startup’s website. The Android app should be downloaded to avail of their services.