Living Local gets seeded for USD 200,000 from Rattan Chadha, former CEO, Mexx Clothing


There was a time when we used to discover stuff on our own and CSyhq1FWIAAKgJRkeep them to us. But now a days new social platforms are in action which are taking out such places to several others across the globe to let them enjoy the stuff around them. In this new league Living Local  is the youngest gladiator with a tagline of ” You may be traveling global… But you are always Living Local”.  The idea of linking people hyper locally is the key of this startup. Signing up people to share the interesting places and services of their hood to let people and themselves know more about the city they live in is the base of the idea.

Living Local raised USD 200,000 from Rattan Chadha, former CEO, Mexx Clothing Company in its very seed funding round. The startup aims to bring Small and Medium Enterprises with services like street food options, nightlife events, restaurants and other neighbourhood activities.

Neeraj Vasudev, Cofounder found the applicability of the idea when they launched the hyper local magazine Living Local and observed 600 active Mumbai Suburban people after the launch of their web portal. Now at this very moment the startup is focusing on increasing it’s presence in market and preparing their app which will be launched at the end of this month.

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