Must have WordPress Backup & Security Plugins


WordPress Backup & Security Plugins

Creating consistent WordPress backup is the best thing you can accomplish for your website. Backups give you a true serenity and can save you in dreadful situations when your site gets hacked or you incidentally bolt yourself out. These are few backup & Security plugins for WordPress that are easy to utilize.

  1. Vault Press : Vault Press was founded byVault Press Matt Mullenweg (WordPress co-founder) and his team. It is a complete backup solution from WordPress, which works with the assistance of a plugin, which takes a consistent backup of your WordPress and also in need, you can restore files from Vault Press backup.It continues creating a backup of your complete WordPress at regular intervals, and you can simply restore from the backup if something goes wrong.



  1. W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache is the best WordPress execution optimization plugin. It is recommended by many popular web hosts like Hostgator, W3 Total CacheDreamhost, etc. It enhances the client experience of your site by increasing server execution, decreasing the download time and providing straightforward content delivery network integration. Perfect with shared facilitating, virtual private/devoted servers and committed servers/bunches. Reduced page load time: increased visitor time on site; visitors view more pages.



  1. BackWPup: BackWPup plugin creates a backup for your blog.You need to back up your WordPress blog at least per week. BackWPupYou can make a complete backup of the database and documents of your website and can easily push every backup to an outside Backup Service which is like Dropbox, S3, FTP. This tool allows you to check, repair and most importantly –optimize the WP Database. It also provides WordPress XML Export and can generate backups in a zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 formats. It is anything but difficult to send logs and reinforcements by email and some more.


  1. WordPress Duplicator : The Duplicator gives WordPress managers the ability to copy or clone a site from one destination to another. Duplicator will create two WP Duplicatorfiles from your WordPress site which are an archive file and an installer file. The archive contains both site data and the MySQL database. The installer file is a PHP file that will extract and install the archive in the new location. This plugin is also used to migrate WordPress site from one server to another, migrate locally developer WordPress to live server and Clone live server WordPress site on your local desktop server.


  1. iThemes Security: iThemes Security gives you more than 30+ approaches to secure and ensure your WordPress site. On an average around 30,000 new sites are hackediThemes Security every day. WordPress websites can be a simple focus for attacks because of plugin openness, fragile passwords and old programming. Most WordPress administrators don’t know they’re defenseless, yet this plugin attempts to alter normal openings, stop robotized attacks and strengthen user credentials. Due to its single click activation for most components, and additionally advanced highlights for experienced clients, iThemes Security can ensure any WordPress site. Concealing parts of your site is useful, yet won’t keep all attacks. In addition to obscuring sensitive areas of your WordPress site, it attempts to ensure it by blocking awful clients and expanding the security of passwords and other indispensable data.


  1. All In One WordPress Security: The All In One WordPress Security plugin will move your website security to a radically new level. It decreases securityAll in One WP Security hazard by checking for vulnerabilities, and by executing and implementing the most recent suggested WordPress security practices and systems. Our security and firewall principles are arranged into “Basic”,”Moderate” and “High”. Along these lines, you can apply the firewall administers continuously without breaking your site’s usefulness. The All In One WordPress Security plugin doesn’t moderate down your site and it is 100% free


CONCLUSION: All the above plugins can be presented as best for WordPress Backup and Security. In any case, most important thing is using well-coded plugins. That was all about these plugins. We trust this rundown will offer you some assistance with picking the best plugin for your site. Make routine backup a custom thing to do and spare yourself from inconvenience.