How this 2 young guys are helping society from Water crisis in Maharashtra!

When the whole of India is set to host another majestic game of Indian Premier League, the state of Maharashtra is experiencing the lack of Water. Never before it happened that a state like Maharashtra felt so helpless and clueless about the contemporary condition.

The changed climatic paradigms have made people of Maharashtra succumb but the courage of Shivaji keeps inspiring us to find solutions to our own problems. Maharashtra is one of those states that keeps no respect for status quo and believes in breaking stereo types for a better tomorrow.

Vedant Goel is a Limca Book Record Holder; he was felicitated for the camp he organized where more than 1011 Vedant Goyalstudents brushed their teeth together and took the important lessons of cleanliness. The event was organized by him and his friend Yusuf Soni.

Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni plans to organize a camp at varied schools in Pune, where they will inspire kids and associate school staffs to pour the left water in their bottles into a drum installed by them at the school campuses.

The campaign aims to educate kids about the importance of water and also make sustainable use of the available resources. The simple idea of collecting left water at the end of the day will not only provide an alternate way for water conservation but also help kids understand the concept of sustainable development and use of alternatives.

The campaign aims to use the collected water for feeding plants in the locality and save the water scheduled for the same task. They are going diferent schools of pune on every saturday and sharing the importance of water.

Here are the benefits of this campaign:

•    Avoid the wastage of water
•    Help children understand the concept of sustainable development
•    Alternative method of water conservation

Talking with, Vedant Goel he told, We are grateful to the administration team of all the Schools who supported us in Pune. We are more than grateful to have started our campaign from a school and our target is to reach more than 20 schools and soon will educate 10000+ students. We look forward to develop status quo that is followed by everyone in Pune and around of Maharashtra.

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