This city will lose all its water by April – Cape Town

Cape Town Water Crisis

Water wastage is not a new thing but when it comes to Cape Town the matter has become really serious. Cape Town which is South Africa’s second largest city and one of the top names for international tourists is facing a major water crisis. The city officials have declared April 12th as “day zero” when the tap water will dry out. The authorities have also asked the residents to cut down their daily consumption and wastage of water.

Cape Town Water Crisis: No Water After April 2018

The city is ensuring to apply some strict actions against the inhabitants who waste the water. The strict action also includes prosecuting against the homeowners consuming more than 87 liters water as their daily limit. Despite the implementation of the water controlling measures, no such benefit is observed by the officials. Therefore, the officials have decided for a day zero to take a strong hold against the water crisis. According to the deputy mayor, Ian Neilson, “Due to a drop in the dam levels of 1.4%, day zero has, as of today, moved forward to 12 April.” The day zero was first planned on 22 April.

Cape Town Water Crisis: The water crisis of the city is majorly because of these 3 reasons:

  1. The worst drought in more than a century, which has further worsen the scarcity of water in the area
  2. The quick growth of the 4 million population of the city
  3. Rapid changes in the climate

Despite giving so many indications and warnings, the officials of Cape Town are not able to control the over usage of water. “It is quite unbelievable that a majority of people do not seem to care and are sending all of us headlong towards Day Zero,” an official statement from the mayor’s office. The statement further added, “We can no longer ask people to stop wasting water. We must force them.”

Residents are only allowed to use 50 liters of water or slightly over the limit of 13 gallons water for per person on per day. The officials are now forcing the people to cut down all their needs in order to continue the usage of water. Let us wait and watch if the city controls its water usage or will lose all its water by April. What are your views on Cape Town water Crisis?