Delhi Odd-even rule encourages new Startups


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The odd-even plan is encouraging the delhiites to use various apps to plan their journey. There are various app and data companies coming up with providing services according to the requirements of the plan.

Orahi, a carpooling app was introduced in the market which helps the persons with odd-numbers cars to those owning even numbered vehicles. The sole motive of this startup was to drive people to work conveniently. The company saw a huge surge during the last odd-even trial. Arun Bhati, COO of Orahi said, “We saw a 400% surge in traffic on our website, a 250% increase in registrations and almost an equivalent rise in rides. Last time, we were showing odd and even-numbered cars on respective days so that people can choose accordingly. This time we will introduce even-numbered car owners to those who own odd-numbered vehicles and vice versa.” According to him, safety remains a major concern. Orahi conducts three levels of verifications i.e. corporate verification to check where the passenger or driver works, mobile or OTP verification and checking of ID proof.

Garima Khetarpal, who has to travel from Tilak Nagar to her workplace in Gurgaon, carpools through Orahi. She said, “I am exempt from odd-even but in any case, I prefer carpooling because it’s very economical,”

Bla Bla Car is another car sharing app, which has experienced a 60-70% increase in the demand for travel in NCR in the first odd-even trial scheme.

Ankit Malhotra, an assistant manager of an e-commerce company, who travels from Delhi to Gurgaon started car sharing in November last year. He said, “Carpooling or car-sharing should be practised and encouraged even without the rule. I have an odd numbered car but I have found someone with an even-numbered vehicle who shares cab with me.” He receives Rs 3 per km by each passenger he drives which nearly offsets his fuel cost. But in the app, the passengers however pay Rs 3.50 per km, of which 50 paise goes to the app developer.

Socialcope is creating a dashboard to put up real time air quality data so that people can keep a track of the changes during the fortnight long exercise.

Promto, an electric bike service that provides last mile connectivity to commuters in and around CP plans to fleet to meet the demand during odd-even days.

With the upcoming of the need of car sharing due to odd-even system, there are many more startups upcoming to solve the need.