YourNest to invest about INR 50 Crores in Indian Startups



The “Current Scenario” of the startups being funded has been slowed down by a large pace. The Funds are drying up, evaluations of large unicorns are dropping by makes it a worried situation. We all witnessed what Morgan Stanley did to Flipkart and others in it’s bag, drowning lots of money of investors. Still there always exists an other door! Similarly YourNest   is agressively confident about the community and is willing to put INR 50 Crores in Indian Startups this year.

YourNest Angel Fund founder and CEO Sunil Goyal said, “Investment should be periodical. The valuations are now in more realistic stage and are not inflated. Late stage funding aren’t that easy to come by but people will still fund ideas that have the potential to disrupt the market.” He added, “B2B is still interesting;  Areas like 3D printing, virtual reality, defense solutions are coming up.”

Sunil Goyal is bullshit about the startups and is ready to invest though the situations aren’t much promising.

We all know that YourNest is in action since April 2011; and has already invested INR 90 Crores in sectors like IoT,  Automation, Hardware and Electronic design. The company prioritize in investing in sections such as Mobility, Cloud, Analytics, Internet. It has an investor base of 140 consisting of individual as well as institutional investors.

YourNest has over 14 start-ups in it’s portfolio including SmartQ, Fashalot, aahaa stores, MoMark, mycity4kids, Proof of Performance, Uniphore Software, OpKey, GolfLan, BetaOut and

Goyal elaborated and said, “We would look at investing about $0.5-1 million in about 6-7 companies. Rest of the funding will be in our existing portfolio of companies as follow-on investments.” He believes these startups need mentoring and guidance for growing the business and that is where early stage investors play a crucial role. Everyday they receive lots of requests for evaluation and they believe lots of amazing ideas are out there which need backing thus they welcome all with open arms.


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