Microsoft all set to announce it VR plans.


Virtual Reality aka VR  is a concept that came into existence from a science fiction movie in 1950. Since then this concept came to reality and with many experiments, the first Virtual Reality glass came from OnePlus, with their flagship OnePlus 2. Since then, many other companies made the glasses. This took the world by storm. This even made Microsoft drop into the game. In July 2015, apart from launching Windows 10, it launched it’s own virtual reality product, HoloLens . 


WinHEC – Microsft’s VR plannings

Microsoft is soon going to discuss it’s virtual reality plans with hardware OEMs. In Windows HardwareEngineering Community(WinHEC) is a technical conference where Microsoft discusses it’s hardware strategies for Windows devices.

The first event will be held between December 8 and December 9, while the second event will be held between December 14 and December 15.

Last week, at its Surface event, Microsoft announced that the firm partnered with various OEMs like Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Asus, to bring Windows 10 VR devices to the public. Those devices will be mixed-reality enabled and will use Windows Holographic shell & experience.

According to HoloLens chief Alex Kipman, all the details about the headsets will be provided at WinHEC, telling to Polygon.

Both the events will deal with hardware manufacturers on the software plans for Windows Holographic, to the best. Windows Holographic is a mixed reality platform built on the API of Windows 10.

Kipman also said that the first wave of headsets will be opaque. Due to which users will not be able to see through them directly without the aid of cameras. He also revealed that the headsets will feature a wide field of view,  allowing six degrees of freedom, and will support inside-out tracking. The whole setup will connect to the computer via a long wire.

The initial devices will be available to public after Windows 10 Creators Update makes its way to Public by March 2017.

Well, can’t wait to see the future of VR!