Need For Content Writing Services:

The need for quality content writing services arose with the explosion of the digital revolution in India just a few years ago. With the rising invasion of foreign MNC’s and rising jobs in private sector, more specifically, the IT sector, has broadened the arena of content requirements for every known business. 

Today, there are more businesses in India with a website than there were just a decade ago. According to a research conducted by RedShift & Godaddy, there are over 63% SMB’s in India without a website and over 40% who does not see the need for an online presence. With a market like this, there is obviously a lot of scope for growth and progress. As the companies that are already online, struggle hard to maintain their position. This is where the need for writing good quality content comes into play.

What Are Content Writing Services?

Content Writing is the art of producing a higher quality, informative content that serves some purpose or uses to its readers. A person undertaking such a task is commonly called as a Content Writer or a Content Creator.

With the advent of smartphone apps which drive our businesses and caters to everyday affairs from booking flights to ordering food, there is a basic need for content. 

Also, startups in India are rising each year. As per a survey by Economic Times, the year 2016 saw a steep increase in foreign investments with investor rising from 220 in 2014 to 490 in 2015 and the total number of startups that gained funding in this year totaled to 19,000. This high number of entrepreneurship spirit has made India the third-largest tech startup in the world!

Content Writing Services:

The content that we see on the cyberspace comes from Content Writers. A noteworthy fact about this line of work is that the content writing job is mostly done from home by freelancers who could be housewives, college students looking to earn some part-time cash or even full-time professional writers who dedicate themselves to this task.

Although, it might seem a little unconventional for someone to not have a regular job and simply create content all day long, but freelancers do make a very good pay. With quality clientele, there are virtually no limits to earning potential.

Content writing services in India are on the rise over the last few years. Today, if you type the keywords “Content Writing Services India” the number of results you will see, will blow your mind out! Many such companies are created as an Online-Only business with correspondence taking place over emails and Facebook.

Most of these companies provide the same thing. From creating a website to SEO services, and web content writing service, business blogging, Social Media promotion & advertising, mobile app development, market research and analysis, and much more!

Are Content Writing Services Better For Blogging?

In one word, YES! It does make you a better blogger and teaches you all the basic things that a blogger must know before starting to blog on a platform that gets their web site a lot of attention.

A lot of people have dreams and want to serve others doing something or provide a unique service that no-one else is fulfilling. But, facts must be considered. There is no need to be unique anywhere except in your writing and customer acquisition skills, which is basically Strategy. 

Uniqueness is a rare quantity which must be market tested a dozen of times to ensure its success and even then, things may go wrong. It is not compulsory to sell a product that is unique, rather, the rarity comes from your service quality and the manner in which you present your brand to the target audience.

How Can You Become A Content Writer?

While the idea of working from home seems appealing to many, content writing isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It requires authority over the subject at hand, also called NICHE. Take me for an example. The reason I am able to write this article today is because I am a professional content writer, and been in this line of work for nearly 7 years. I have seen the ups and downs in this field, and honest to God, this work never bores me.

Take me for an example. The reason I am able to write today is because I am a professional content writer, and been in this line of work for nearly 7 years. I have seen the ups and downs in this field, and honest to God, this work never bores me.


To wrap up,  I will simply say this to all the aspiring content writers, do not think this will be simple. It always helps to gain some industry & life experiences before dreaming about writing.  The real skill comes from your personal struggles, nothing beats that.

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