Hyperlocal delivery startup Opinio raises Series A funding



Funding story

In this age of online ordering of goods, hyperlocal delivery systems have become extremely essential, particularly for small businesses (merchants). Hyperlocal delivery startup Opinio has played a huge role in revolutionizing the logistics industry. The startup recently succeeded in raising $7 million in Series A funding from logistics company Delhivery , Sands Capital and Accel Partners. Opinio aims to use this fresh influx of funds to expand its network, strengthen quality and improve technology.

What is Opinio and what services does it provide?

Opinio was founded in June 2015 by alumi of IIT Kanpur, Mayank Kumar and Lokesh Jangid. A variety of small and medium scale establishments, such as bakeries  and laundry stores. Clients are given Opinio Merchant Apps , enabling them to hire delivery staff, who are called “Ground Pilots”. The Pilots, after picking up the order, delivers it to customers. Customers are also able to track the orders via SMS, reducing the need to check with the merchants each time. Thus, Opinio streamlines the hyperlocal delivery set-up, benefiting both customers and merchants, and greatly alleviating inconvenience and hassle. Opinio prides itself on the ready availability of its services, an emphasis on ensuring quality delivery within 20 minutes, and transparency.

The Opinio team

Opinio undertakes comprehensive training of its Pilot fleet, which currently consists of over 700 staffers. With over 100 members in its core team, Opinio is expanding rapidly, and it aims to build up a team of 300 over the next six months.Currently, its services are available in Bangalore , Delhi NCR and Hyderabad. Plans are underway to expand its services to a much larger number of cities. With deliveries taking place between 9 am and midnight, Opinio’s hard-working staff always ensure quality transportation of products.

The verdict

Its emphasis on ensuring on-time delivery of products has already allowed Opinio to capture a large portion of the market. Hyperlocal delivery systems have already greatly revolutionized commercial operations, enabling merchants to target a large consumer base effectively, and is also a proven method for lead generation. The effects of Opinio’s services are thus being felt far and wide.