How To Create A Remarkable Name For Your Business?


The naming of a business is a creative challenge which is a tumultuous process full of doubts and unsettling feelings.

It becomes increasingly difficult because there are hundreds of thousands of business in the market and perhaps the first idea you have to create a distinguished name for your company; is already taken.

But optimism is one that made you get to where you are, and this will help find the name along with these tips that will help you look for new options.

During such a stressful situation, optimism is the key that gets you through to the other side, when you can come up with a fantastic and apt name for your next best thing in life.

Following these tips might help you get to where you want, and it may even transform your traditional way of thinking when it comes to what you want to call your business.

You must be wondering: If the broad ideas do not work, what’s left? You shouldn’t think this way!

Here are the 5 questions that you should keep in mind when naming your business:

#1. Does it call people’s attention?

As a general rule, choose a name that is not “boring.”

For instance, calling a business, “Richard Electronics” is descriptive and precise, but it does not draw attention and is not catchy enough to be remembered.

The key is, finding the name that reflects the underlying intention, employs a better approach, and creates an unforgettable impact in the client’s mind.

Shorter and stronger names are more practical and preferable. If you can find a name that connects directly to the needs your customers want, that is even better.


#2. Does it stir curiosity in people?

The point is, the name of your company is just the start but not an entire history. Creating an “evergreen” name will certainly cultivate interest. But, the crucial detail is that it does not have to be too revealing.

It is a definite plus if your customers are left to draw conclusions about what the name possibly means, and generate a sense of imagination in their minds.

A name that provides details tends to be forgotten very easily. Also, a name that is too unfamiliar,  or uncommon, also does not fare very well. So you must find a mixture of quirky, trendy, easy to remember and yet unique.


#3. Does it express your point of view and your personality?

Whether you are an individual with a dream or a group of people sharing a common vision, it is the human spirit in the business that will connect you to people. Also, maintaining relationships are essential for the future of a company.

The name should reciprocate the interests of all involved and what it adds to the idea, in a way that makes the name stand out and differentiate from the competitors. Therefore, pick a name that has personality, caliber, and impact.


#4. Is it social media-friendly?

Another great way to be easily remembered in this day and age is to name your business that is trendy as per social media. Add suffixes that are although grammatically incorrect, yet make a place in the customer’s mind. Consider the names such as Tinder, Grindr, Tumblr, or Bitly, Spotify, etc.

Any business of the modern day wants to grow quickly with the help of social media networking, and having a suitable trendy name can skyrocket your business sales in a jiff!


#5. Is it offensive or hurtful?

The times that we live in are simply amazing. But it is also easy to find the time turn against you simply because your business has an offensive or hurtful name.

Today, you need to be more cautious than ever before, of hurting someone’s religious sentiments or being offensive to a particular group of people or a nationality.

Pick a business name that is neither degrading nor insulting. On the contrary, choose a name that inspires people to take action towards a cause, and models your business towards it.



Be different and search for your essence that appeals to the customers to see the world through your eyes.

You can always enlist professionals to help you with this decision but they are very expensive to hire!

Follow these 5 tips and come up with a creative, lighthearted, and trendy name that customers would remember for ages to come.

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