MacBook Pro 2016 facing graphical issues!


MacBook pro was launched in October this year. The MsacBook lineup is thinner, lighter from its ancestors. It has its function keys removed, instead, sports a touch keyboard, called Touch Bar.

But the matter of fact is the software. How much good is the hardware is, software should be best enough to work on that hardware, respecting the quality. Same goes with the hardware.

But it seems it gone wrong with the new lineup.

Certain users reported about graphical issues when using graphic cards.

MacBook Pro 2016 faces graphical problems!

It is said that Apple’s Software Engineer Craig Federighi has been sending emails apologizing about the problems caused. According to the emails, this problem will get resolved with MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 .

The website named MacRumors possesses one of the alleged emails. The email says, “Thanks for the note! We believe we have addressed all of these graphics issues in the latest [beta] of Sierra 10.12.2 (available at I hope that you enjoy your new MacBook Pro – it’s a fantastic machine!”

According to the users, this problem arises when using Adobe Media Encoder, ultimately crashing down the machine. Some report that this problem arises while using the Photos app.

That’s not all! One of the users faced the problem of  ‘flashing violently with red/ green hues and a sort of chequerboard pattern.’

Most of the users assure themselves that dedicated graphic card with Touch Baron 15-inch machine is the major cause of the issue. But on the other hand, even 13-inch machine users, with both function keys and Touch Bars are also facing the problems.

While the sources say that this mail might be fake, rest we’ll get to know about the truth after Apple launched Sierra 10.12.2.

Some users also report that their laptops die within three hours of normal usage after they fully charge it.

Hope Apple do something about this issue!