5 Deadly Sins Killing Entrepreneur’s Productivity At Business


Productivity is the building block of any business. Let it be a startup, a home-based office, or a regular-joe workplace.

Even in this advanced age of smartphones and life hack lessons by Ted Talks, many of us are still doing things that are considered “sins of productivity” especially if you’re the master of your business.


What are these so-called sins of productivity? Scroll down and find out!


#1. Not Discovering Ways To Handle Your Stress

Look, it is obvious to feel stressed when your boss is yourself! As much fun as it sounds, it is equally and maybe a bit harder to manage in reality.

You are stressed about the progress of work, stressed out concerning client retention, and even stressed about evaporating savings from your account along with personal stresses. This much is true for every startup entrepreneur.

Working under stress, whether to submit a last-minute deadline or to catch up with some delayed project, will only cause blunders.

Perhaps a workout and meditation/yoga would help. Also, talking to a therapist comes highly recommended.


Stress Management; sins of productivity
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#2. Working Without A Purpose

Working without a purpose is a major factor that leads to the shutdown of several startups. It is one of the biggest sins of productivity when you feel like your actions make no impact. That sort of mindset is extremely counter-productive and does not help at all!

If & when you feel you are lacking a sense of purpose, you must come up with more practical plans such as reading encouraging and motivational books, written by renowned business leaders.

Try to compete against yourself, set your own goals and see how much you are able to accomplish.

Goals are important because they give you a target to aim for, and keeps you grounded and committed to the work.

Why Purpose Matters? ; sins of productivity
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#3. Bad Attitude Affects Big Time

Bad attitude usually results from insufficient exposure to new ideas, suggestions and life experiences.

Someone unwilling to learn, showing no restraint to narrow-mindedness, are a symbol of bad attitude. The rules of entrepreneurship demand maturity and open-mindedness from the respective entrepreneur.

The rules of entrepreneurship demand maturity and open-mindedness from the respective entrepreneur.

To introspect, ask yourself:

  • Do you constantly focus on the CANNOTs than CANs?

  • Do you often compare yourself to others and feel depressed?


  • Do you tell yourself (and others if you have a team/staff) that you CAN’T do this or incapable of doing things right?


If the answer to above questions is yes, then you MUST change your attitude with immediate affect! It simply cannot wait any longer.

Negativity is like a virus eating out your productive part of the brain. To let go of it, try to gain new experiences. A good way to go about is volunteering in your chosen field.

If you already have some entrepreneurship experience, try giving a class to budding entrepreneurs, share with them your experiences and answer their questions.

This way you would learn a lot about yourself and it will be an automatic attitude adjuster.

Attitude Adjustment; sins of productivity
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#4. Lack Of Energy

When you’re sitting at a desk all day and working non-stop for 8-10 hours, it would be a surprise if you didn’t get tired and felt severe lack of energy.

So much so that, all you want is to head straight to bed, ignoring food, exercise and for some people, even water consumption is at its lowest!

Does any of these habits sound healthy to you? Anyone…?!

Take proper breaks during your work. Whether it is a 6-hour shift, 8 or heck, even 12 hours, just take a break every 30 minutes.

Get up from your seat and walk for about 30 seconds, and repeat this cycle throughout the day, every single day!

Talk with your co-workers, don’t be a snob!

Eat some healthy snacks like fruits & dates are better for you.

Make sure you do some exercise, stretching, and some light workout such as running.

Energy; sins of productivity
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#5. Too Many Distractions

Last but certainly not the least of all is distractions, our final mention among the sins of productivity.

Distractions can hamper even the most productive person in the world, to sully.

If you are working and emails, Facebook, WhatsApp notifications come by, don’t answer it until a particular time!

Also, it is a good practice to let everyone you work with, such as clients, colleagues, co-workers to know when they should expect a response from you. In other words, maintain decent hours, and respect your privacy.

Take the well-needed time away from all distractions, and give time towards things that matter the most to you & strive to make it happen!

Curb Distractions; sins of productivity
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So, this was our list of 5 sins of productivity that can kill an entrepreneur at business. If you want to add more to this discussions or have any other strategy that you want to share with us, do let us know in the comments down below.