Homers.in : An innovative real estate platform


                                    Funding story

Rising consumerism in India has led to a great expansion of the real estate sector. However, prospective house-hunters often have to cope with a lack of adequate knowledge about procedures, besides having to get involved in extremely hassle-ridden procedures. Gurgaon-based C2C real estate purchasing platform Homers.in, intends to change all this by making house-hunting extremely convenient, and that too without involving brokers.

                                  Funding and expansion plans

Launched in May 2015 by Tarun Chaudhary and Vineet Pathania , Homers.in recently raised a first round of funding from angel investors Devesh Rai G of ShopClues , Amitpal Bhutani of Amazon , and Rajesh Aggarwal of Dentsu India. According to Tarun , the funding is aimed at ensuring Homers’s expansion by creating a much larger listings segment. Currently, Homers’s services can be availed of in Gurgaon and Noida , but plans are afoot to expand its presence to 6 cities by the end of the current fiscal.

                                 Homers’s services

Homers has already garnered over 4,500 listings, and provides extensive transaction support- including the drafting  and notarizing of agreements, and the registration of sales deeds in collaboration  with Kochhar.in’s excellent legal team . It also has a multi-layered listings verification system, which ensures that customers get their money’s worth.  It also has a zero commissions policy in place. Home Owners can also avail of Homers’s services to get tenants easily, and for the right price.

                                 PS’s take

Homers’s excellent platform makes house-hunting hassle-free by bringing together house owners and prospective owners/tenants on an online platform. With further expansions in the pipeline, Homers’s innovative approach is sure to revolutionize online real estate deals.