Razer has three display laptop concept. Wait, what!?


Engineers at Razer are crazy in building computing stuff. Recently at CES 2017, Razor showcased a tri-display rig with each display of 17-inch. A perfect stuff for gaming? Yes, it is!

Wait, that’s not all! those displays are going to have a 4K resolution! Unbelievable!

Codename “Project Valerie”, this is something serious stuff!


Razer’s Project Valerie to give us tri-display laptops!

Remember Blade Pro? The gaming rig launched by the same firm? Everything is special in that. 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor, GTX 1080, custom vapor chamber heat management system, and the ultra-low-profile mechanical keyboard with Chroma RGB lighting.

Under Project Valerie, we will get the same gaming rig, with the same configuration, the difference is  – the display.

There will be two display on the left and right side, folding to the center display and then closing down as a normal laptop. Thinner at 1.5-inch, when completely closed and weighs around 12 pounds, nearly double of Blade Pro!

All these things focus on gaming. Three 4K displays with IGZO panels and NVIDIA G-Sync built-in, there is also Chroma light strips beneath the displays. With NVIDIA Surround, you can play your all-time favorite games with 180-degree view!

Not only gaming but open up multiple applications, each on each screen – at a time!

Under this project, the rig will be VR capable.

However, Razer is quiet in the production of this beast so as in the case of its pricing. So, virtually, this Project Valerie is right now on papers only.

Regarding battery power, this point will be a mess – though, for now. Reason being, those pixels in the display and those backlights on keyboard and display.

According to Windows Central, “They didn’t even have a fully functioning device for us to check out, there were two: one a polished design prototype outfitted with the angled hinged displays and Chroma lighting, the other a rougher engineering prototype with a pair of sliding-on-rails-but-functional displays.”

So no proper rig to show off, eh Razer?

Here are some images, collected by Windows Central at CES 2017:

Stay Tuned for more!

C ya!