Entrepreneurial Journey at the Age of Sunset, is it Worth the Risk?


Quite recently, the Inc. magazine interviewed more than thirty entrepreneurs who started their business voyage in their mature years. They interviewees were all between the ages of 50 & 70.


The results were not just staggering but they also revealed the benefits of starting an entrepreneurial journey at that age.


Continue reading to find out these undiscussed benefits.

1. The tendency to Take Mature Risks.

The survey indicated that the entrepreneurs worry less about the financial security of their families. As much it sounds ironic, it is true for the mature entrepreneur.

The very fact that their families are well-provided, and they have no more financial obligation towards anybody, makes them a better businessman. Also, they have a lot of personal work experience, and it gets easier to borrow money from financial institutions given their impeccable financial history.

In this way, they can focus more on their investments and tackle risks.


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2. Unwavering Ambition.

Age is irrelevant when it comes to ambition. In fact, to some, the financial comfort is not a reason to skip their ambition, but quite the opposite.


Their unwavering ambitious spirit keeps them steady in their path. An enterprise founded on the sole concept of ambition; benefits a great startup culture and motivation led ecosystem.


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3. Unparalleled Experience.

Years pass by but the experience remains. The great advantage of acquiring more knowledge spanning decades and through different walks of life is rewarding.


The research showed that the entrepreneurs used their life experiences in the business which factored greatly towards their success.


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4. Maturity Brings a Sense of Respect & Admiration.

Maturity plays a heavy role in negotiation. According to the interviewees, it can lead a business deal far better than anticipated. The result is a sense of respect and admiration for those involved such as business partner and managers.


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5. Not Ashamed to Ask for Help.

Due to the technological advances, some older folks may find it hard to use the new machinery. But, the changing times prepare them to seek help with nothing to feel ashamed about, which is too rarely seen among the young crowd these days. Depending on your team members for further education is the sole purpose of having a team.


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Most people in their 50’s think that it is a good time to retire. Whereas, others think that it is the perfect timing to go bold and give business a try. Moreover, an ever increasing life expectancy, a majority of mature people wish to remain active in the market a lot more than before. Being mature does not mean your journey has ended, it is simply the beginning of a new sail in your life.


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