5 Best Startups in Goa as of 2017

Goa Startups

Goa is not only about what you think like a party and tourism hub and that is what some young and talented bunch of entrepreneurs are working to change the perception. They are putting all that they have, money, talent and faith and setting up diverse startups in the so called India’s party capital. Also, it is mobilizing the talented and educated workforce of Goa to a productive direction. These following startups are giving the young talents to showcase their ability and giving them a platform to present whatever they have learned through a formal education and experience. In this way, the problem of unemployment among the youth is also getting resolved and Goa is becoming largely a hub of engineers putting the constructive mind in the field of advanced technology. As day by day, the infrastructures in Goa are improving, it is facilitating the young entrepreneurs to lay their start-ups with ease. Therefore Goa is moving forward to be called as a heaven of startups.

1. Vacation Labs

A student of IIT-Kharagpur of 2006 batch, Saurabh Nanda working with a travel agency called Cleartrip made around 32 trips to Goa and thought of becoming an entrepreneur. His close connections to the coastal region of Konkan made him start up his own travel and tourism trade and he thought of collaborating with another company called Vacation Labs.

Merging with Vacation Labs, Nanda and Vacation Labs are working parallel on two different fields. While Vacation Labs is promoting the touristic activities for the tourists like Scuba diving and weekend gateways for its customers while Nanda has taken up the responsibility of giving the best stay in Goa to its customers. Thus, if you need to book a private beach 5-star resorts in Goa, Nanda’s team can help you. He has built enticing bungalows in Porvorim district of Goa, which presents the beautiful sunsets and the best views of Goa to its people.

2. A 6° Turn

Goa is the land of creativity and a colossal of fashion. Thinking about the same Nikhil Hedge and Amit Bhardwaj thought of Goa as the best place in India where creativity and thoughts could prosper immensely. With the foundation of 6o, they thought with this platform all the professionals related to fashion could interact with each other flawlessly, like bloggers, students, photographers and fashion designer. With the interaction of all the super talented minds in different fields, the product which is coming out to the world is of high quality and much more than expected.

3. Smart City Slickers

With the thought of making the cities of Goa to move towards smart city planning and processing keeping in mind the immense potential of hyper local information systems, Amarsh Chaturvedi and Ashwini Rawat established Smart City Slickers, their own start up. It works for more transparent and better functioning of municipal taxation, water supply and sanitation and asset management to improve the city order with the help of advanced information systems.

4. Eat, Pray, Work

Luke Sequeira thinks to change the perception of Goa as a mere party destination where you can drive to bars in open jeep. Sequeira’s first startup DCCPER, which works with entrepreneurs around the world to help them build scalable web and mobile apps, is a little less than two years old. He went to Canada for higher studies. However, he wanted to do something for Goa and so he flew back and became an entrepreneur.

He wishes to attract Canadian markets and routinely contacts their markets. In 2015, Sequeira co-founded FleetRover, an enterprise fleet tracking and management platform for logistics and supply chain management companies, with partners Chris Atkinson, Hannah Bain, Joshua Silveira and Aprup Shet. He is keen to launch his products in the US. He says, “I don’t work in Goa, I live in Goa”.

5. The Homecoming

Tyrone D’Souza is yet another successful entrepreneur who has made his name shine in the world of mobile advertising at InMobi where he worked for four years playing different roles which include ad management and leading the account management team. He also played a vital role in setting up InMobi’s China business. When it came to turning his dream of becoming an entrepreneur into reality, a mobile performance network was not a difficult business model to zero in on. Goa became a favorable place to set up his dream. Mobobeat clients on the advertising side include app developers and e-commerce clients looking to promote their apps and on the publishing side include utility apps and game apps.

So, this was the story of Goa’s five best startups as of 2017. What are your thoughts on Goa? Would you like to setup your startup in Goa or would you like to party? Let us know in the comments.

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